Silicone Love

Exploring Punarnia


I know I’ve been very loud with my music and other stuff, so I thought I’d make it up to you with a couple of brewskis. Oh, why am I in my underwear? Well, I wasn’t sure if the beer was enough.

By the way, once I’m done with my second bottle, it is very likely that I will take my top off and climb on top of you. It’s no secret I’ve had a crush on you ever since I moved in. So, if you don’t want that to happen, you really should... More of Theo


So it seems that the internet has matched us together. I suppose I should welcome you into my room. Have a seat if you want. To be honest I couldn’t decide on what to wear so I just stuck with my favorite blue underwear. Also, I’m not really good at making small talk. Did you just look at my breasts? That is just…well kind of expected. I do have pretty tits I suppose. Sometimes I touch them at work when nobodies looking. It makes me feel tingly and nice. So what do you do for fun? You like motorboating? I love boats. It’s so much fun! Having all that water gushing as you go deep and fast. Maybe you’d like to try motorboating with... More of Jennifer

Pre-shipping Photos

silicone head sex doll


As shown on site. Slightly heavier than anticipated. Not a bad thing. Packed well, and arrived in stated shipping time. Arrived unexpectedly, but within stated time. Satisfied customer. Will buy another if needed.


F*CK 2020! I’m stacked up on canned food, ammunition & dolls. If the apocalypse is coming I’m going down shooting full loads from every barrel.