25 Reasons Sex Dolls & Robots Better than Human Women & Girls

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25 Reasons Sex Dolls & Robots Better than Human Women & Girls

Real dolls are now more and more popular in movies and the media. At first they were expensive or not very well made but now almost any man can have a gorgeous realistic love doll without breaking the bank. Sex dolls popularity has over the years increased tremendously keeping in mind that the topic was initially regarded a taboo, not to mention some stigma associated with talking about it, especially in public. Basically, surveys have found that both young and senior men are most likely to be involved in sexual activities with a lifelike sex doll and not real girls. The survey also showed that most men are curious about such dolls or robots even if they do not openly admit to wanting to own one. This means that men prefer sexual activities with a doll, rather than with real women.

Why do men like TPE or SILICONE sex dolls? Why do they spend thousands of dollars on lifelike soft-skinned dolls instead of pursuing real women?



So far in history, the eternal beautiful woman has only been a myth, something of legends. Only goddesses or vampires were known to be always young and sexy. But in modern society, woman party, drink & drug so much they look like they are going to roll in a ditch at 30. Like, what’s the point of having a salad for dinner if you’re just getting shitfaced every single day until you develop wrinkles on your eyeballs?

silicone doll europe

A beautiful love doll is not going to change, get fat or have any other issues with her body, unless you have a kink that involves blowtorches. In which case, you’re welcome (Dollpodium got you covered). Blowtorch away, just not around the ass part. You don’t want your new male sex doll or sex robot for men to look like she lit her farts on fire. Jackass me once shame on you, Jackass me twice, we’ve got a roasted doll vagina going up on eBay.



Don’t you just hate watching all those annoying unboxing videos of useless crap nobody needs? I would like to see fewer headphones and more blowjob toys, please. There are so many headphones – can they just make 3 good ones and call it a day? How about we invest in something that actually helps your mood, stops violence, and possibly even wars by being constantly in a fulfilled sexual and emotional state?

silicone sex doll box

Your new silicone girlfriend comes in a cool reinforced box you can keep for your combat boots, and if you don’t like her, just ship her ass back to the seller. How often can you do that with a real woman? Like I don’t even have room for my combat boots in a relationship, because every standard woman comes with a minimum of 200 pair of shoes, 150 of them she only wears once a year.

silicone sex doll factory

Also, there is something incredibly satisfying in getting tits and vagina in a box. It’s so ridiculous and feels so dangerous. Is it furniture, is it a body, nobody knows, except for my big D that’s getting some super tight doll pussy later that day. Can you say best unboxing ever? A happy ending package that does not disappoint (Dollpodium got you covered, but not as much as you’re going to cover your new silicone wifey).



Now I don’t know what sort of advanced sexual technology aliens or billionaires have, but for the average Joe, there’s no better partner for some Netflix and chill than your  best love doll or dolls. And if you don’t like Netflix, just pop in an old-school horror or action movie.  I don’t care what they say, Rambo 1 is a classic.

buy sexbot

And usually when a TV show or movie goes bad, you then have to look up some porn to deal with the disappointment, but with a doll you don’t have to. You’ve got your real life porn girl right there, ready for an all-night shag marathon.



Have you ever had sex with a circus girl? They are ‘insane’ in the good way. Also, pretty nice to talk to because they are just happy to be around people as they are on the road constantly. Sex dolls are much more flexible than most women. If you want to have your very own Olympic level acrobat in the bedroom, this is your chance. And she’s custom made for your big D’s approval. This allows you to try different sex positions with them and literally perform sexual stunts without any worries.

sex doll realism

Modern sex robots and dolls come with flexible body joints for extra flexibility. The dolls with EVO skeleton and are even more flexible. Then there are dolls with Flexi skeletons and loose joints letting your doll perform a wide range of motions without much efforts. Such love dolls are ideal for those who like rough sex and wish to take their doll experience to the next level.



I like to watch crazy stuff on porn. And there’s nothing wrong with it, because I’m only watching. Roleplay or BDSM can be fun, but most women aren’t into it. The worst is when they judge you just because you are watching a porno or used a sex toy on someone else. Like I don’t judge a woman for reading ‘Billionaire werewolf doctor’ erotica or romance novels, let me watch my porn on my Kink.com subscription in peace (Dollpodium approves of Kink.com and all the magnificent work they do).

sexy leg sex toy men

Also, there’s something very liberating about being able to confess or try something out with a doll or sexbot. That total acceptance and absolutely no judgement really feels like something else. Less time being angry or frustrated, more time for work and sexual fulfillment.




You don’t have to give them all your attention but they are always attentive to you and you have all their attention. Sex dolls are perfect partners in providing sexual aid whenever you want. You are their only partner so all their attention comes to you.

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With realistic sex dolls, you don’t need to make efforts to get laid anymore. They provide sexual aid without any drama, without any sexually transmitted diseases, and without any additional costs. Apart from being extremely sexy, they definitely make a perfect sex partner. 

This is the reason why many males are now ready to tie-knots with their realistic adult dolls. A decision this big requires some serious persuasion and faith.

premium sex doll men

In short, a sex doll won’t interfere with your life choices. They always want to satisfy you and you can have them whenever you want.




Roleplays could never get any better. Thanks to the understanding nature of realistic doll companions, you can now fulfil all your fantasies. You can choose to buy her the dress for the roleplay and make her anything you want. 

silicone doll for man

Turn her into a horny hooker or let her be a sub. You get to decide what she becomes today. Unlike women, you can bring or even stick to the kind of outfit you want her to wear for the roleplay.

silicone wife

A full human-like doll usually comes with 3 cavities (oral, anal, and vaginal) designed to simulate the real-life experience. Many doll owners enjoy anal sex and a close to life doll makes it quite fun.




If you find yourself wondering if it is OK to get the door for your date, stressing over who should pay the bill, or wondering how long you are supposed to wait before calling your date the next day, again you are not alone!

Dating is confusing, and while some may proclaim themselves veterans in the field, the reality is that there is no right answer for every situation (Dollpodium recommends showing her a picture of your sexbot to make hear jealous).

top sex robot for man cheap

If the anxiety and pressure of this mysterious framework have you avoiding dating, or taking a break, treat yourself to a sex doll who doesn't impose rules.



They won’t consider themselves as your superior or more worthy than you are just because they were born with female genitalia. It’s all fun and games, literally all fun and no problems with a doll. The curvy thick sex dolls are a little on the heavy side, but that’s about it.

affordable sex robot

A sex doll "knows" you, and only you. They aren't dividing their attention between you and a friend, family member or another lover. If you seek that level of devotion and have an internal need for a fully committed partner, you could find that benefit with a sex doll. Also, she doesn’t have an annoyingly aggressive pet that ruins your car or pisses on your leather couch while trying to kill you every time it sees you. Train your pet, please. Your sexual doll or adult robot will not have any pets, unless you get one for her. And she’s great with animals.



  1. Sex dolls do not require Alimony or Child Support

The key difference between alimony vs. child support is what each one is intended to be used for. Alimony is paid for the benefit of a spouse; child support is paid for the benefit of any children resulting from the marriage.

Child support is designed to be used to meet the basics needs of the child. That includes things like food and clothing, medical care, housing and other necessities.

sex doll girflriend

Alimony which can be described as the legal obligation to financially support a spouse before and after a separation is very common in modern day society. It is the legal responsibility of a man to take care of his partner during the relationship and when they separate especially where the two have children together. This can be very frustrating to a man especially the ones that prefer being polygamous seeing the amount of money that will be channeled to alimony.

Sex dolls are definitely the ideal alternative when you don’t want to worry about having to fork out money to take care of your partner both during and after a relationship. The only form of alimony that the sex doll will require from you is only the regular cleaning and proper storage in between use. Easy enough, right? Even more amazing, the polygamous lot will not have to worry about alimony either; it is definitely affordable to take care of several realistic silicone sex dolls and robot as compared to paying alimony to several partners. This makes these sexy pleasures dolls amazing and affordable to have and maintain; a great reason why you should actually buy a hot human-like sex doll.


  1. No resentful manipulation & Negativity

You mess up one time and you’ll never hear the end of it. Or you’re just trying to have some innocent fun but your wife or girlfriend won’t leave you alone no matter how nicely you ask. Sound familiar?

standing sex robot

If you open up to her about something important, she will 100% use that information against you in the course of your relationship. Whether in a fight or some other reason, trusting her can prove to be a super painful thing.

Women tend to be very hard on their partners and will usually take every minimal detail serious and make serious assumptions that mostly affect their relationship. While men are less sensitive and can joke on almost everything, women are different and tend to keep resentments ready for that perfect time to unleash them (they’ll definitely get you when you least expect). Dollpodium sex dolls will never make false accusations about you as the only ones that can talk are the basic sex robots or AI (artificial intelligence) robots which focus only on the positive and the pleasurable. This makes these pleasure goddesses amazing and definitely better than women.

vagina sex robot

To sum it up, sex dolls have numerous benefits that are continually getting appreciation from the public with time. A topic that was initially a taboo has grown into one that has a great following and appreciation. The detailed reasons above emphasize on why sex dolls are incomparably better than women in this particular regard.


  1. No threat of sperm theft

A sex doll will never get pregnant, unless you’re a really good magician or have Kryptonite Superman-like sperm.

Now sperm theft can be used to describe two scenarios: one of which involves a woman getting pregnant after sex that the man assumed was a protected one. While this might be seen more of a fraud or a breach of contract, it is still classified as a form of theft. This can be by birth control or other some other way. The second one involves a woman stealing a used condom when the man is careless after sex and does not dispose of it well. The used condom can be used as evidence of cheating, a basis for child support test, good gene storage among other reasons. Keep an eye on those sperm bottles guys! You don’t want it coming back in your very own version of ‘mini me’.

sex doll clothing

Sex dolls come handy as they eliminate any cases of sperm theft. After having sex with the doll, the owner should immediately clean the doll which usually involves simply running water through the orifices to clean off the semen. While this does not clearly phase out the possibility of sperm theft, it greatly lessens the probability. Therefore, an important point when using these pleasures aids is to make sure you clean the doll soon after any sexual activity. Sperm theft is very serious and punishable by law and with the sex dolls curbing this vice, which should be a reason to head to the sex dollpodium store and get that pleasure doll you’ve always wanted.


  1. No raising a child you didn’t want

It should always be something that you want. Having a human life brought into this world is not something to be taken lightly or done behind someone’s back without their consent. Not to mention child support for a child you didn’t even know of.

sex doll accessories

Referring to family law, child support is regarded as the periodic payment made by a parent towards the benefit of their child, guardian or caregiver following a divorce or end of a relationship. The obligor pays the particular oblige either directly or indirectly to financially support a child or multiple children from the already terminated relationship. The payment can either be made to the guardian, caregiver, or the state. This will be done, in some cases even if the father didn’t consent or want the child. (e.g. sperm theft)

Considering that sex dolls are not human, only a sexy representation of, and cannot be pregnant, having sex with these beautiful goddess regardless of the intensity and frequency, there is completely no possibility of bearing an offspring. With research showing that in 2015, non-custodial parents forked out more than $33 billion to child support; one can’t help but appreciate the upcoming future of sex robots. Comparing the cost of child support especially when its more than one child, sex dolls are outstandingly affordable and amazing to have. Not to mention, you can now watch whatever TV show you want, with a beer in hand a good pair of tits in the other. Life is short, have to enjoy those few good moments that you can.




  1. No STDS & No AIDS


Some girls are just mean spirited and knowingly infect their partners with diseases. Even though they fully know and have been diagnosed with an incurable sickness, they go on having unprotected sex. Some even have the audacity to say things like “Everyone has one” , “I didn’t give it to you, you gave it to me”.

sex doll dress

You’re definitely safe from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s)Sexually Transmitted Infections can be defined as diseases that are passed from one person to the other through sexual or genital contact. You will also be safe from sexually transmitted disease: any disease characteristically transmitted by sexual contact, as gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV genital herpes, and chlamydia.

sex robot tits

Though most of the STI’s affect both genders, the health effects can be more severe in women. The major causes of these infections are viruses, bacteria, yeast, and parasites. Antibiotics can treat infections caused by yeast, parasites, and bacteria but not those caused by viruses. However, there are drugs that help with symptoms and keeping the effects controlled. And while the right use of latex condoms is a great way of avoiding STI’S they do not completely eliminate the probability of contracting the infections.

Sex dolls (from Dollpodium) completely eliminate the risk of contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections. These pleasure aids remain virgins and untouched until that day that you buy them, these make them clean and free from STI causing agents. Even more amazing, you are the only partner in the relationship. You, therefore, have no worry that the doll might get the infections from ‘outside’ and pass them to you. This is certainly a great reason why you should consider buying a realistic sex doll. Isn’t it?


  1. Always Faithful & Always Loving Wives


Cheating is a total and unforgivable breach of trust, especially coming from a woman. While men are by nature and biologically programmed to be with multiple partners, a woman is not. So when she cheats on you, possibly doing you both mental, financial and physical harm, it is not something to be taken lightly.

silicone doll under 3k

Infidelity can be defined as the violation of a couple’s mutually agreed contract regarding emotional and erotic exclusivity. A thought of infidelity and the main thing that comes to the mind is sex, but in truth, there are numerous forms of betrayal that happen every now and then and does not involve sex. According to research, more than 60 % of married couples indulge in some form of infidelity at some point in their marriage. While there are a variety of situations that contribute to a person’s emotions, most people end up resolving to cheat.

Emotional cheating can be just as hurting and tormenting as physical cheating but where the infidelity comprises both, the pain is definitely inevitable.

cheap full silicone dolls

Sex dolls are definitely the most faithful partners and you don’t have to worry about them sleeping around. Sex dolls are completely tamable and remain solely committed to you at all times. Unlike women, the sex doll remains entirely yours and the only way that you both can part ways is when you decide to; you’re basically the honcho in the relationship.


  1. She’s easy & Low maintenance

Sex dolls don’t even eat and yet they look full of life and ready for the big D every single minute of the day. Apart from the initial cost of purchasing the sex doll, the overall maintenance cost of the doll is considerably low. Most of the stuff you might already have in your house like: a towel, talcum powder, baby oil, shower hose etc.

best affordable full silicone dolls

This can probably explain the rising popularity and global appreciation of these amazing pleasure dolls designed for both sex and companionship. The doll only requires regular cleaning and good storage in between uses. And if you forget to clean her 1 day or 2, she will still be fine (But Dollpodium says 3 is too much, tuna pussy bad).

The fact that the doll lacks the human aspect means that the doll is free from emotions and definitely not able to get sick or depressed as humans. Unlike women, the doll doesn’t require the regular treats and dates that are quite expensive to maintain. Actually, just a few outfits for her, a good storage unit, and regular cleaning and you’re done. Awesome, right? Well, this definitely a great reason as to why sex dolls are better than women.


  1. A one-time Purchase

Screw expensive fancy French restaurants when you can have a double cheeseburger and a cold one while plowing into your little silicone slave doll. It’s not a question of whether she will put out, it’s a question how long can you keep the party started without fainting from pleasure overload.

are sex dolls any good

Apart from the initial cost that you pay when purchasing the sex doll, you will not incur any other additional cost. This is a great pro considering the day to day expenses that women require. From regular hair care treatment, frequent manicure and pedicure and the normal date nights, women can be quite lavish to maintain. Sex dolls, on the other hand, do not require such special treatments and a lavish living.

Actually, a realistic sex doll will only require good maintenance which only involves cleaning it well and storing it properly in between use. This is definitely one of the main reasons sex dolls are better than women, especially in the long-term.


  1. No Whining EVER

The worst thing is someone who’s had it easy all their life but they just keep on whining and complaining about it. They just can’t understand how meaningless and ridiculous their problems are.

sex doll butt

Unlike women who are willing to do the unthinkable to get noticed, sex dolls are quiet and composed at all times. A perfect little virgin sex doll. Regardless of the situation these male masturbators with a big plus always maintain their calm. This is actually amazing seeing that women will stoop to any level to compete for attention with their counterparts. From dressing to compete to using their bodies as a way to win attention, women will literally do anything.

pleasure sex doll

Sex dolls on the other hand solely depend on the manufacturer’s prowess and design which is determined by the target market. In fact, once a sex doll has been made and shipped, very little can be done to change their look apart from the simple change of hair and eye color. This sexual aids lack life and will, as a result, co-exist together in harmony. Now if you get bored of the head, you can always change the head or even buy multiple dolls for a full on harem. It’s legal because they are just dolls.


  1. Always able to play with the Boys

A sex robot or real doll won’t make you choose between your friends or them. Not only is that a selfish thing to do, it automatically starts a precedent that will than eventually ruin your relationship.

buy sex doll clothing

With research showing that most relationship wrangles are as a result of men spending more time with friends or playing video games, the fact that sex dolls will never pull an argument over this is an amazing reason why these magical sex aids are way better than women. The sex doll will never argue with you over your life choices but is actually supportive of them (taking silence as confidence in you).

Every woman requires attention and is devoted to change your way of life which is definitely friends and video games to most men. This becomes a problem over time as men tend to get back to their old ways quite fast. Sex dollpodium dolls, on the other hand, are not affected by any aspect of your life which makes them incomparably better than women.


  1. Sex dolls are not subject to white Knights

In the corporate world, a white knight is described as a person or a company that obtains a business entity on the verge of being subdued by a force that is considered detrimental by company representatives. In the dating world, this can be referred to as a person who ‘snatches’ your partner especially during times that you are going through a difficult time in your relationship. The white knight uses all possible mechanisms to win over your partner either through pulling financial favors or lustful conduct. Unlike women, sex dolls are not subject to white knights and will remain yours forever (unless you decide otherwise).

hot sex doll for men


  1. No staring at a phone

The only thing your love doll will stare at is your big D. And if she’s lucky, she might get some eye drops squirted in as a token of your never-ending love.

A major turn off in relationships is definitely a partner who is always on their phone especially when they ought not to. Actually, constantly being on the phone is a major cause of minor disputes in most relationships. Imagine when you’re leaning in gently to kiss your partner and the phone’s backlight hits you? Not cool. Right? Sex dolls on the other, lack the intelligence to perform complex tasks such as operating machinery or hand-held gadgets, which means they are committed to only one thing; taking care of your sexual needs (and giving you some great company of course). This is definitely a good reason why they are better than women; you are assured of uninterrupted devotion and commitment.

cute sex doll


  1. No Shit Tests

Why can’t they just hang out and enjoy the moment? It’s so arrogant to think that they deserve special treatment and you must jump through all these hoops just so they spend some time with you. We’re all going to die in the end, why can’t you just relax and enjoy whatever is left?

sex robot pussy

Women will do anything in this world to put a man to task in the name of “testing their commitment and love.” In as much as I’m of the belief that real situations expose real people, the tests might turn hurtful and actually work against the lady. In fact, shit tests account for a great percentage of breakups in marriages. Sex dolls will never shit test you over anything. Their inability to think and reason like moron humans sometimes do makes them amazing partners that are incomparably submissive to you. And a sex robot (from Dollpodium) will only say cute and nice things.


  1. No drama

You know it, I know it, no matter how good your woman is, there’s going to be drama. It’s only a question of when, how long or how serious. Experience might make you tougher against it, but you’re going to have to endure a lot to get through any relationship with a woman. And with how spoiled some western women can get, they are truly the worst drama queens.

cheapest sex robot

Women are characterized by indecent acts in public especially when they want to drive a point home. They will go that extra mile regardless of how shaming it might be (on both of you); they disregard the consequences that might include property damage or a long time defamation. According to research every one out of three women in the United States has acted out of anger and caused a dramatic scene at one point in their relationship.

Sex dolls will never cause drama in a relationship. Regardless of the driving factors, these realistic silicone pleasure dolls will never at one time turn dramatic. This is an amazing aspect of sex dolls and an indicator the dolls are better than women.


  1. Less crazy

A sex doll is not really crazy, but more like a sexual appliance. A toothbrush is for your teeth, a doll is for your dick, and a robot in the future might do both.

Mood swings are basically rapid changes in a person’s mood, without a particular reason. We are all so aware of how fast a woman’s mood swings. Especially if it's that time of the month. And who has to handle all the craziness and drama? You, of course!  No matter how you treat them, you will always find them ready to attend to you.

sex with a robot

Women tend to be crazy mostly on issues pertaining to relationships (as compared to sex dolls). Overthinking is common in human relationships where simple acts that might not be intentional actually determine a relationship’s fate. Women tend to lose rational when it comes to making decisions on relationships and end up being overconfident (not cool).

Sex dolls are amazingly free from this craziness that is associated with women. These aid dolls are cool, calm and collected at all times regardless of the situation, which definitely gives them an upper hand over women.

The only craziness with dolls is the annoying horror movie culture associated with them. No, I’m not talking about the Chucky movies, those were silly and fun. I’m talking about these serious modern horror movies that want me to take some murderous dolls seriously. It’s a doll, grow up people.  Even clowns are more scary than dolls. But let’s not get into that.


  1. She goes where you go

Even if you do find an amazing woman, and there are some out there. The location or logistics of a relationship are the worst. You can be having this amazing chemistry but if you have to move because of work, family or other issues, maintaining a fully functional and healthy relationship can be all but impossible.

detachable limbs sex doll


You can also travel with a doll (see Travel Racy or Travel Hayley from Dollpodium). Unlike with a woman, your doll will always be in the mood for an adventure. Pop her in the car and go on a picnic. Or romance that sexbot up with a little bit of body oil and some outdoor sex swing action. Go to a lake and enjoy fishing. What better way to pass the time while you’re waiting for a catch, then have her pass you some orgasms?

lightweight travel sex doll

Move, travel or just enjoy your job that puts you on the road. Your doll or sexy robot will support, love and provide the climaxes you need on a daily basis.

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