Buy Sex Dolls with Cryptocurrency

Buy Sex Dolls with Cryptocurrency

You can now buy sex dolls discreetly and without any hassle at Dollpodium using bitcoin, ethereum or other cryptocurrencies. A new survey by Moscow-based cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab introduced on June 17th revealed that 19% of people globally have purchased cryptocurrency. Due to the nature of our products – discretion is the most important thing to customers and this is where crypto shines.

Sex Dolls or Real Dolls are considered as adult toys, sex toys or novelties – due to this there is a lot of stigma and difficulties when purchasing. Some countries like India banned the sale of realistic love dolls altogether. There are many other countries that are making it extremely hard to buy such a product as well. Not to mention mini sex dolls, small-sized affordable loved dolls that are getting harder to purchase each year.

Cryptocurrencies are the best and safest way to purchase miniature or little sex dolls that range between: 140cm, 135cm, 125cm, 110cm, 100cm, 90cm, 80cm, 65cm. 

We will list all the benefits of using cryptocurrencies when purchasing a realistic silicone girl or lifelike love doll. And while it is still a fairly new way of making online payments, the data shows that for secure, safe, fast and reliable payments this is the future.

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Unfortunately, the world is not very opened minded or educated on intimacy and sexuality. If you look at the most sexual liberal countries like the Netherlands or other North European countries, you will see that not only is it possible to enjoy the freedoms that come with sexual liberation, legalizing prostitution, de-stigmatizing sex toys, but it is also beneficial for society and the economy. The Netherlands each year ranks as one of the most democratic country with the highest quality of life in the world (always in the top10). Banks, shipping companies and customs officers do not like sex dolls and often discriminate both merchants who sell and customers who buy. Not to mention the huge stigma society has against real doll owners. Potential buyers of sexual dolls will need to protect their identity to avoid such stigma. And this is where cryptocurrency shines like no other payment processor.

Here are the benefits of buying a sex doll with a cryptocurrency like bitcoin or litecoin:


  1. Safe, Anonymous, Decentralized

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With cryptocurrencies all identities of coin owners are encrypted to ensure the legitimacy of record keeping. Because the currency is decentralized, you own it. Neither government nor bank has any control over it. It is your money, your data, your sex doll and everyone else can go swim in a pool of generously proportioned black dicks.

Ever since human-like adult dolls have come into the mainstream, there has been a huge wave of extremist feminists and angry conservatives who condemn or try to ban, illegalizing the sale of such realistic dolls. And while it is still legal in the year 2020 in most western countries, if a wrong person finds out that you bought a sex doll, they could try to shame you online or even damage your business, carrier by making you look like a sexual deviant.

Online stores like Amazon, banks and credit institutions, as well as other service providers, obtain and retain too much of their customers’ personal and financial information. Details including our name, address, employers, social security number, net worth, assets, investments, account balances, credit score, credit line, and transaction history, along with everything we do and buy, who we associate with, when, where, etc. comprise our personal, professional and financial data sets. With traditional financial institutions and traditional fiat currency, we can no longer preserve our privacy. They sell our privacy and they do it so without our knowledge or consent.

Cryptocurrency transactions provide an alternative by limiting the amount of transaction data to mere numbers also known as cryptocurrency wallet addresses and transaction IDs confirming that a wallet-to-wallet transaction took place. A cryptocurrency payment processor acting as a third party will typically require your name (and shipping address for the delivery of physical goods), but the rest of your information will remain private as long as you don’t connect your bank or credit card account and transact solely in BTC and altcoins.


  1. Cheaper, Faster, Accessible

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Cryptocurrencies and such transactions will have a much lower transaction fee than regular banks or online banks like Paypal. With high-priced products like sex dolls that can go over 1.000 USD, this is very good to cut down costs. The doll retailer or manufacturer can sell the same product but at a much more affordable price for the customer.

It is also faster. With traditional banks a high-priced transaction like a sex doll might take longer to approve, with cryptocurrencies it is almost instant.  

Today, bank accounts of all sorts, as well as debit and credit cards, have fees associated with them — money that goes down the drain and provides no benefit, never mind interest earned. There are debit and credit card fees, ATM fees, merchant fees, checking account fees, overdraft fees, paper fees, check fees, transfer fees, change fees, charge-back fees, foreign transaction fees, minimum balance fees, inactivity fees, false decline fees, etc.

Banks are making it increasingly harder for us to make purchases claiming that it’s for ‘our security’ when in reality, it’s for them to charge us another type of extra fee. Despite what your bank might tell you, your transactions, bank account or card is not secure and you are at a much higher chance of being frauded, have your identity stolen or sold, than with cryptocurrencies.


   3. Fraud Proof, International, Mobile

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Reduce identity theft with blockchain technology. The ledger ensures that all transactions between “digital wallets” can calculate an accurate balance. All transactions are checked to make sure that the coins used are owned by the current spender. This public ledger is also referred to as a “transaction blockchain”.  Such blockchain technology ensures secure digital transactions through encryption and “smart contracts” that make the entity virtually un-hackable and void of fraud. With security like this, blockchain is the number 1 payment option for online transactions. And realistic Silicone or TPE dolls are almost 100% online purchases.

Cryptocurrencies are a borderless means of exchange allowing for instant and cost-effective transactions across the world. There is no waiting, no international fees and no limitations as to who can or cannot send funds to whom or when and where those funds can be accessed. All that is needed is an internet-enabled device like a cellphone.

Be on the move by using cryptocurrencies while traveling. This adds an extra layer of security and can be used as a remote source of emergency funds that can be accessed without an ID, a bank account, credit cards, a wire transfer or even a personal computer device. Buy your love doll on a business trip or wherever you might travel, find yourself at.


  4. Growing Market – Prepare for the Future

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All the big tech companies are investing in blockchain technology or trying to develop their own cryptocurrency. Facebook, Amazon, Walmart, JPMorgan Chase and many others are looking to get in on the action. There is no doubt that crypto is the currency and payment method of the future. If things stay the same in our world, there will be no other form of payment that would be able to compete.

People have been talking about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for a long time and those invested in them early have seen their wallets grow fatter each year. And as long as Silicone and TPE Dolls are considered shameful or bad by society, customers need to look for a safe and reliable payment solution that will make it possible for them to purchase a sex doll without having to worry about being shamed or discriminated. 

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