Coronavirus and Sex Dolls - Are objects affected?

Coronavirus and Sex Dolls - Are objects affected?

We will link our sources at the end. From what we've read, the virus cannot survive long on surfaces. It needs a living host to reproduce or stay alive. Most of our dolls take at least 7-9 days to arrive and probably more with the current restrictions. By that time, even if your doll was infected, the virus will have died out before it reaches you. 

Not to mention most dolls are created in extremely sterile environments. At the end of production, each doll is sprayed between 120 and 150 degrees with a disinfectant to clean the dolls and remove impurities. All packages go through sanitized checks before they reach your country and this is especially true with the current epidemic. 

We have been receiving a lot of messages in this regard and would like to put everyone at ease. There is little to no chance of you getting infected by any of our dolls. But for those who are about to receive their existing orders and by some miracle it arrives early (less than 7 days) we advise you to wait 1-2 days before opening the package. 

Also, please do not visit brothels or share any of your adult toys or dolls with anyone, not even your romantic partners. Stay safe, stay healthy!


Note 3/20/2020: The lockdown has caused the shipping costs to rise 10-30% extra. From now on, any new orders will require an extra 50-100$ payment to cover these insane rates. (more for BBW models) Existing orders won't be affected.

Also, there will be delays due to a lot of people not working or staying in isolation due to the virus. But please do not worry as you will receive your doll. Please be patient and we hope you understand.

Note 4/20/2020: We are running out of stock for a lot of dolls in both the EU and USA warehouses. And we will not be replenishing the stock due to the coronavirus pandemic or accepting orders for those dolls in the foreseeable future. Please refer to the dolls that are not marked 'Out of Stock'. We will focus on those dolls for now. Thank you!






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