Dangers of Talcum or Baby Powder

Dangers of Talcum or Baby Powder

Most TPE sex dolls need to be powdered up to maintain the softness and well-being of their skin. But we have found that there might be dangers to using Talcum powders. Usually, we would recommend Baby Powders or Talcum powders to freshen up the doll after washing or cleaning. In light of recent information, we recommend our customers and others as well to start looking into alternatives.

Apparently there are toxic elements in talcum powder when inhaled, especially in babies. A lot of lawsuits going on and the consensus is that these powders if inhaled (especially in high doses) can cause cancer in the long-term. So if you continue to use these powders we recommend not to inhale the talcum, wear protection or find a way to apply it that doesn't involve you breathing it in. 

The only viable alternatives seem to be:

1. Cornstarch Powder

2. Arrowroot Starch or Tapioca Starch

3. Baking Soda

As of now we are testing out these products on our dolls and seeing if there are any negative reactions to them. It will take some time until we can 100% recommend them to be safe options. We will keep you updated on our results.

If you've been using and still currently applying talcum powder - there is no serious cause for concern. Most of the evidence that found talcum powder dangerous was in infants or people exposed to high doses. As long as you wear a mask or don't inhale the smoke too much, we believe you should be fine. But we considered it important to mention for those with respiratory issues, especially with the current issues in the world. 

If you decide to try out some other alternatives to talcum or the ones we mentioned above, please do so slowly and with caution. Try it out on a small part of the doll, like the feet or fingers. If you have found a viable, long-term alternative to talcum, we welcome you to chat with us. Let us find a healthy option together. Thank you!



Previously we talked about the dangers of repeated exposure to talcum powder when powdering your TPE sex doll. The healthy alternative is here with Natural Cornstarch. We have tested it out on multiple different types of love dolls and TPE sex products and found that it is just as good at maintaining the smoothness and quality of the material but without the health risks.

So if you are planning to shop for a realistic TPE doll and were worried about the negative effects, there is no need because cornstarch powders are available in almost all countries at a similar price to talcum or baby powders. And unlike talcum, cornstarch is usually unscented so it won’t even irritate your nose in the short term.

We recommend buying a large bag instead of a small powder case so it will last just as long as you need it to. For those who are still using talcum to maintain their sexual doll, we recommend avoiding it if possible, using a mask or switching to alternatives as soon as possible.  

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