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‘I realized that I had a unique fascination with dolls at an early age. While I immensely enjoyed toy dolls while I was young, the experience that changed everything was when I walked into a store and saw a naked mannequin being dressed. At that time, there were no sex dolls. Even the idea of it would have seemed ludicrous. What I saw at that store was a realistic representation of the human body. Everything else was left to the imagination. If it would have been a sculpture or a painting people would call it art. Yet, if you’d dared call a love doll a piece of art, your statement would be followed by ridicule. But isn’t art the process of creation - a final product that is admired for their beauty and emotional resonance? I can admire my love doll for her beauty, enjoy her companionship for my emotional well-being, and cherish her existence by sharing a never-ending flow of pleasure. Besides beauty and emotion, I also receive something more – function, a purpose. I strongly believe that love dolls preserve a special place between art and sex. ‘



We live in a time where female pleasure is celebrated and encouraged while male pleasure is shamed and criticized. Men all across the globe are chastised no matter what their actions. They are shamed without proper cause or trial. In our society if a man approaches or engages a woman, he is called a creep, if he doesn’t he is considered a coward. It is our purpose to provide an escape from all of these social pressures and double standards. To offer companionship with the option of variety, without the emotional and financial disadvantages that commonly accompany dating relationships.


Who is a love doll for?

In the beginning, due to the high costs and social stigma that accompanied such purchases, only a very select few could afford the financial and social risk of getting a love doll. It was mostly people with doll fetishes or men who wanted to experience new forms of sexual pleasure. But now that the cost of such dolls is much more affordable, people from all across the globe (male, female and trans) are lining up for one. We recommend a love doll for people who do not have time for dating, those with ‘unique’ lifestyles or individuals who’ve experienced trauma or the loss of a loved one. Sexual pleasure and satisfaction is a very important thing in a person’s life and we recommend our dolls for anyone who wishes to fulfill their desires.

Also, we offer our dolls to those who are disabled, suffer from depression or reside in a location (secluded part of the world) where finding a suitable partner is simply impossible. A select few men also reported to purchasing a doll because they did not want to cheat on their wives. In all of these cases, we are honored to serve our customers and provide them with what they need to better achieve happiness and self-fulfillment.


What are the Sexual Benefits?

Such dolls not only serve our need for pleasure and companionship, but their usage provides an improvement of sexual technique. With frequent use, overcoming premature ejaculation will be possible and thus allow a man to last longer in bed. No expensive pills or numbing creams will be necessary. These dolls also have a significant weight to them, making them similar to the real thing. A man could practice new and exciting sexual positions that they might want to explore with a real person. Or simply perform sexual activities, things that a human being is unable or unwilling to do. Unlimited amount of anal, vaginal or oral sex is just one thing. Such dolls can also provide experiences a man could only see in erotic movies. Love dolls are incredibly flexible and will be able to perform to high sexual standards. While a regular person could only stay in one position for a limited amount of time, a doll could maintain it for hours without a problem. You could orgasm inside a love doll without the need for condoms (or contraception) and use any of her holes. She won’t give you any sexually transmitted diseases. Sex dolls require proper cleaning and maintenance and such activities might better ready a person for future love affairs. Caring for your sex doll might prepare you to care for a future relationship. 

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  • JJ Redpill

    Amen to this picture. Men are becoming more fearful of “real” relationships. Women of substantial value are few and far between. Dolls are a better option!

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