Dry Cracked Skin Sex Doll Problems

Dry Cracked Skin Sex Doll Problems

You purchased a full sized sex doll and her skin is very dry and powdery. Trying to clean the TPE doll’s skin is proving ineffective, with both water, soap, creams, etc. This is not the good sex doll shopping experience you were hoping for. So what should you do?

  bad skin sex doll

The Problem


 Even the big brand sex dolls or the best TPE dolls can have the so-called ‘cracked skin issue’ if the delivery time is extremely long or the synthetic girl has been powdered too much. The difference between a silicone and TPE love doll is that silicone doesn’t absorb things like powder or fluids. TPE aka Thermoplastic Elastomer is similar to how silicone feels (though somewhat softer) except that it is much more absorbent and 3 or even 4 times cheaper. 


 Because of its absorbent nature, it needs to be powdered up after washing so the skin stays silky smooth, and if you don’t she will be somewhat sticky. This is true to almost all adult TPE dolls. But if you powder your love doll too much the skin will get ‘clogged’ up and instead of absorbing the powder, it will develop cracked skin and she won’t have that silky smooth skin that is so soft and pleasurable to the touch. 

 tpe sex doll realistic

If the delivery time was over 1 month, because it has been sealed up in a plastic bag and box, the lack of air can also cause this issue. This has nothing to do with the quality of the doll and the solution to fix and repair your silicone-like TPE sex doll is very easy. Though this happens more often with the cheapest dolls, do not be surprised if this affliction is something that you might encounter. Especially now with the coronavirus and long sex doll shipping times, the chances of this occurring are higher than usual, and it could happen to anyone. 

 Please do not throw out your real looking sex doll. There is a very simple and easy solution. And you won’t need to spend more on ‘fake’ love doll repair kits or buy a new one either. Just stay patient and buy a bottle of baby oil. 


 The Solution


 We admit that encountering such an issue might ruin the sex doll purchasing experience and it’s not something that first-time doll owners look forward to. But when you consider the alternative, a silicone doll usually starts at 3,500 USD or EUR. For that price, you can buy 3 full-sized realistic sex dolls. And we assure you that they will be just as human like as the silicone material sex doll brands.

 sex doll tacky skin

So either your doll has cracked skin or a very tacky, powdery dry body, a body oiling is enough to get her back on track. Depending on how serious the issue is, you can revitalize your doll lover’s skin in about 30-60minutes. 


In addition to the body oil or baby oil, what you will require is a towel (which you don’t plan on using again) or body-safe wet wipes. The towel solution is faster and more convenient but the wet wipes are cheaper and you won’t feel bad throwing out a perfectly good towel. 


Put your newly purchased sex doll girl on a table, the ground, or some other stable surface. If you have the original packaging, put the plastic cover or the other packaging materials underneath her. This will protect the surface underneath her from getting oily.


Unscrew her head so it’s easier to position and move the sexual doll. It will look a little weird and not like a real adult doll, but it’s only temporary. Place the head in a safe spot where it can’t roll away and start freaking out your neighbors, who think its Chuckey’s bride come back on a killing spree.


Get a latex glove if there’s one around. Your hands will thank you. Now wet the towel or wet wipes with the body oil. Be as generous with the oil as you can. If you want this to be over as fast as possible, use as much as humanly, and in the case of your doll non-humanly possible. She’ll look like a pornstar sex doll with the amount of oil dripping from her. Use the towel or the wet wipes firmly but don’t force it. As long as it slides on the body of the TPE doll, it’s good. When it’s met with resistance, more oil is required. 


Keep changing the angle of the towel and use the part that is still untouched. Your lifelike silicone like TPE girl will sweat out the dry skin or the powder. You’ll see it on the towel or wet wipes. But you can’t use the same wet wipe or the same part of the towel, because it will get the doll dirty or not do a good enough job. So keep switching it up. Again, this happens with quality sex dolls and big brands as well. Nothing to worry about. Your just a grown-ass man oiling up your sex doll, nothing to see. Unless you’re doing all of this on your front porch. In that case, everyone from Dollpodium salutes you, Sir!


Make sure you get everything from head to toe. And try not to let oily Susan slip away either. Clean her front and the back, also the genital area as well. If you think that the vagina and anus are also affected (put a finger or two up to see), though this has never been reported to have happened so far, oil her genitals as well. 


If you are finished with the TPE sex doll repair process, you will notice that her skin is now oily instead of cracked or tacky. It’s time to get your bathtub or shower ready. You’re going to take her in for a wash. Angle and position her so she doesn’t slip out of your hands. Remember, she is slippery wet. And take her into the wash area.

 TPE doll skin deffect issue

With the showerhead and a clean sponge, start to wash your doll wife. Low-pressure lukewarm water is the easiest way to do this. Slowly wash away the oil. It should take about 5-10 minutes. The hard part is over by now. Using a fresh towel or some other bright-colored cloth and pat dry her wet skin. See if her skin is smooth but a little sticky to the touch. If she has no oil or powder on her left, she should be somewhat sticky, which is perfectly normal for TPE sexual dolls.


As long as you’re in the bathroom, get your cornstarch powder, the white gloves your doll came with, and powder her whole body from neck to toe. The sex doll’s butt and breast area requires extra care and groping, which is a reward in itself for a job well done. Once she is powdered up, your TPE doll girlfriend’s body is finished. Now repeat the process with the head if that is the case. Cracked, dry skin is rarely a problem with the head as it packaged separately, but if it’s the case, just repeat everything as you did with the body. That’s it.

 In conclusion, we hope you found our tutorial on how to revitalize your full-sized TPE doll’s body with the use of body oil useful. While there are other ways to deal with this issue, this is by far the easiest and fastest solution to a problem that might happen to any doll owner. And considering this from a price standpoint, it’s a small inconvenience to pay for having a doll that is 3 times cheaper than a silicone model. Also, silicone doll skin problems are incredibly hard to fix, especially for first-time sex doll buyers. Most of the time you have to send her back to the store or have someone come and patch her up. Because doing it on your own is not as easy as with the TPE dolls.

 Sex doll maintenance is just a natural part of owning these lovely sexy girls. They are so much more than a male masturbator or a stroker. Adult sexual dolls can offer companionship, sexual fulfillment, and even mend a broken heart. And with the future of sex robots on the horizon, things are only going to get better and sexier. 

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