Get into Shape with a sex doll

Get into Shape with a sex doll

It’s time to ditch that expensive gym membership. Let’s be honest, the main reason you were going is to watch sweaty hot girls in yoga pants doing squats. Unless your job depends on you staying in shape, there are way more pleasant ways to workout than the gym. And most of them don’t include you smelling a hairy dude’s stinky ass remains when you finally manage to get on the machine you’ve been waiting for 30 minutes because everyone goes to the gym the same hour you want to. So why not bust out that realistic sex doll and start pumping the muscles that truly matter in the most pleasurable way humanly possible? 

 sex doll gym

At this point, you’re probably thinking that we can’t possibly be serious that a love doll can give you the equivalent of an actual workout. Well, just think about what it is most men do in an actual gym. They signed a membership because of a momentary burst of hope endorphins, do a lot of upper body, some ab, and minimal lower body workouts. With a full-sized sex doll, you’re constantly carrying at least 66 pounds (30kg) around the house. This will help your arms, legs and even your chest develop. Especially if you like to mix it up, every day a different position, on the bed, couch, neighbor’s lawn, etc. Then you got the intense cardio when actually making love to her. And you don’t just make love to her once, after all, you are a man of passion.

 muscle sex doll

So, instead of being shamed into buying a personal trainer in the gym, just get yourself a Busty Amy and lift the only weights a man should ever have to – gigantic boobies. The heavier the silicone girl, the better your results will be. If you want the biggest challenge, try to see if you can conquer the giant ass sex doll Kamala. It won’t be easy but the payoff will be orgasmic. Like literally, you will orgasm. In her tight sex doll butt. Probably twice. With the morning wood. And a few times at night. Obviously, you will need to eat some eggs and chicken to keep your protein levels up with the intense Spartan-style sex gym you’ll be attending at home, but eating chicken and fucking huge ass sex dolls is a satisfying way to live life.

 fit sex doll

Let’s get into some specific workout tips you can start doing once you turn from window shopping sex dolls to pounding them in real life.

  1. Lift and Impale. Position her in an easy, curled up way, stand up and impale her with your workout rod. If you can manage the weight, do the Hercules fuck and don’t let her feet touch the ground. It will be hard, intense, and super-hot. Start by doing just a few seconds and work your way up. This will strengthen your arms, legs, and back. After a few months, you will be a powerlifting pussy Terminator. 
  2. Don’t cum challenge. Let’s see how long you can last by fucking her in doggy, alternating between her sweet ass and cunt. Only a few minutes? Try to get up to 5, even 10 or 15. Slowly, week by week you will train yourself to go longer, control your breathing and marathon hump that lovely lifelike fuck doll. 
  3. Intense chest workout by lifting her as you lie on your back. Bench pressing weights is so last century. Get with the times, and start bench pressing bitches. This is what a full-body workout is all about.
  4. Sit-ups with motor-boating. Abs and chest workout is important to strengthen your core and stay ready to fend off the upcoming alien invasion. But let’s be real here. Sit-ups are boring as hell. You need motivation. I need motivation. To hell with it, we all need some motivation. Titties are good for that.
  5. Stretching by stretching her. We all know the importance of a good stretching. Your hot sex doll knows it too. And she will be glad to assist you by providing an extra layer of relaxation as you work out. While you stretch those sore legs, make sure your silicone sex doll is giving you an extra stretching by wrapping her mouth around your mini me.

muscular silicone doll

 In the end, working out is always a challenge. It’s hard to constantly stay motivated. One would just want to give up and watch a movie instead. But here at Dollpodium, we try to do our part and make sure you have the necessary incentive to stay fit and healthy. And your real sex doll will definitely want you to be strong and in good spirits. After all, her sole purpose of existence is to please you as much and as many times as your horny membership lasts. Time to hit the shower. Oh, yes, Busty Amy prefers to go commando. So, lose the towel. Shower sex workouts are now real. 

As of 2020, we have one of the largest selection of muscle sex dolls available online, so you can work out together:

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