Get your parents approval with a Sex Doll

Get your parents approval with a Sex Doll

Are your parents bugging you for not being married or not having any children? Do they disapprove of your same-sex or interracial relationship?  If you’re fed up with them interfering in your personal life instead of being understanding, introduce them to your lifelike silicone sex doll and enjoy the ride.

Disclaimer: if your parents have heart problems do not do this!

In this step-to-step guide, we will walk you through the whole process of receiving approval from your parents, getting them off your back, and making sure they never interfere in your romantic life ever again. After all, life is so short, how can one enjoy it if someone else is telling them what to do all the time?


You will need:

  • 1 realistic sex doll (you can go more than 1 if you’re ambitious)
  • Camera or phone
  • Dinner
  • A very good poker face



 Step 1:  Buy your new Bride or Husband

 elf fantasy sex doll

The first and easiest step is getting a sex doll. You can buy a budget or mid-range doll online from or a high-end model from  I know this seems like just a very elaborate ad and it is. The love doll you choose should be a realistic human-sized model. This is very important. Unless you’re buying a dwarf sex doll, its height should be about 158cm or more. Her body type or skin color is totally up to you and your personal preference. Now, if you really want to piss off your parents, go hard mode. If your parents aren’t fond of seeing you with a Black or Asian partner, not because of racism (obviously), simply because they prefer you find a good old traditional Caucasian, then choose your silicone girlfriend accordingly.

Once you have your new doll, find some proper clothing for her. A simple dress and heels will do. The idea is to prepare her for a dinner date with your unsuspecting parents. She needs to look as realistic as humanly possible. Your parents need to believe that she is real, at least for a few seconds. It’s the surprise, the slow but shocking realization that your new girlfriend or boyfriend is just a doll that will be the best part of your evening. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There are still a few steps we must still take before we can reap the benefits of our labor.



Step 2: Take photos of your new partner

 sex doll photographer

You can’t just call your parents over for a dinner date and introduce them to your new silicone partner. In order to achieve the maximum effect, you must slowly build up the anticipation. Start by telling your parents about your new-found romantic interest. Give them small hints that you started dating someone. But don’t reveal too much, keep them guessing. Also, try to make your new partner seem appealing to your parents. Whatever qualities or traits your parents would like to see in your wife or husband to be, implement them in your stories. They should be so curious that they cannot stop asking about her.

Alas, stories will only get you so far. It’s the digital age and everyone has a Facebook or social media page. Eventually, your parents will want to see some photos of you and your ‘perfect girlfriend’.  It won’t be easy taking photos of her, as they could guess or suspect that something is wrong. A good strategy is key to avoid suspicion. Either make low-quality photos where your doll is barely visible or cannot be recognized or manipulate the photos with some editing software. If you’re not good at stuff like this, just dress the adult doll up in something and cover her whole body and most of her face. Maybe do a kissing photo where you’re the one in the frame and the sexual doll is barely visible.  Get your creative juices flowing and you will succeed.



Step 3: Prepare the Dinner

 sex doll funny

You will need to prepare a dinner date with your parents as an excuse to get them to meet your realistic sex doll. Whatever meal you prepare or order out, don’t try to please your parents with the menu. If your parents like to eat meat, tell them your new girlfriend is a vegetarian. They won’t refuse a chance to finally meet your new partner, even if they have to suffer from food they don’t like. This also makes the whole thing much more believable. After all, your new girlfriend can’t be perfect, can she?

Don’t just set up the table for you and your parents. Your new silicone girl is going to be sitting with you as well. You will need to move and feed her, but that’s just part of the fun. She is the newest member of the family, why wouldn’t she be at the table? This is going to be one dinner party your parents will never forget.



Step 4: Master your Poker Face

 sex doll game

The hard part is over, now comes the payoff. Once the plan is in motion and your parents are about to arrive, get yourself and the doll ready. Clean up your place, spray a little perfume, and play some Tony Bennett to set the mood. Maybe even call your parents beforehand saying that your new girlfriend is feeling nervous about the whole thing. Tell them to go easy on her, be accepting, and most importantly not to judge you for your romantic choices. Also, lock the front door once they are in as they might want to try an escape. For your love doll, keep her out of sight. Let your parents relax for a little bit before you introduce them to Sex Doll Busty Amy 2.0.

Your parents are on their way and will arrive at any moment now. Have your phone at ready to record or take photos of their expression. Believe me, you will want to capture this moment forever. And don’t forget to relax. After all, this is your night.

As you hear their car stopping in front of your house, you realize that they are here. Go out and greet your loving parents. Make small talk and remind them once more not to judge your girlfriend. This is going to be gold.

Once they are inside the house, lock the door, and offer refreshments. At this point, they should be asking about your girlfriend and curious about why she isn’t here to greet them. They have been hearing a lot of good things about her, so it would seem suspicious that she’s hiding.

How you introduce them to your sex doll is up to you. Whether you take them to the kitchen where your silicone girlfriend is already waiting for them next to the table or carry her out like a lifeless corpse and throw her on the couch. We leave this choice up to you. What is important is to use your camera or phone to record the whole thing. Enjoy the slow-building terror and tension in the room. It will be delicious.



As every situation and all parents are different we can’t continue this guide any longer. If your parents are understanding, have dinner while you feed sex doll Busty Amy and enjoy your mom’s reaction. If they are less than welcoming to your new girlfriend, put on a show. Bring up how they’re never supportive of your love interests and this is why you’ll never be in a happy relationship. Whatever may come, after this evening, it is highly unlikely that your folks will be interfering in your love life in the future. No matter whom you’ll be dating in the future, as long as he or she will have a pulse, your parents will approve.


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