Sex Doll Moving Guide and Durability

Sex Doll Moving Guide and Durability

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We actually had a video of trying to destroy one of our silicone girls to show you how durable dolls are and how they look like from the inside, but unfortunately, our YouTube account is suddenly no more (Oopsie!). So instead, we will give some insight on how to make sure your sexual doll lasts as long as you wish her to last.

Most TPE or silicone dolls have a basic metal skeleton (their construction and shape be contingent on the size of your doll and brand) and artificial skin. Unlike humans, their skin is much thicker and without any layers. This not only makes them softer but also more flexible and durable than us mere mortals. If you push the face of a human into a wall or drop her, first of all, you’re being very naughty, and secondly, that human will suffer skin damage. Most of the time if you do this to a love doll, it will not suffer any damage. Unless you’re going full ‘no mercy’ mode and in that case, she might get a scratch or two. It’s actually quite difficult to cause significant damage to a synthetic girl (please don’t accept this as a challenge though). The most common thing that owners don’t like about their adult dolls is the fact that some clothing (most black colors) leave serious stains and that they are heavy.

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If you’re like me and love your women with some skin and curves, you’ll soon realize that lifting sex dolls is no easy task. If you’re not keeping them in your bed, the constant movement is difficult for someone who is not used to weight lifting. While there are multiple ways to make it easier, in the end, you can’t escape the feeling you are singlehandedly ‘carrying this relationship’.  Teen or skinny dolls are not that difficult though. And if you can’t resist the Curvy or BBW girls - then  sex swings and high-quality inflatable furniture is your best friend.

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Despite all of this, there are ways your doll can get broken or damaged. Significant pressure on her back might cause her spine to break (especially if it’s a smaller model under 160cm). No socks, stockings or shoes mean that her foot and small toes are exposed to all the dangers coming from sharp objects in your house. Even though, she won’t be strolling around the house by herself like some sort of possessed horror movie doll, when things get hot between a man and a silicone woman, stuff happen. These ‘things’ might also happen to her hands and fingers. While you can cover her feet, there really is not much you can do to protect her hands if you’re flipping and changing the position of your doll during a long party night. Pushing her hands into a fist might help and also make her look as if she’s climaxing, alas it is just a temporary solution.

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As time goes by and technology improves there will be ways to better protect the 2 most fragile parts of TPE sex dolls: hands and feet. For now, all we can do is to recommend everyone to keep her on a bed or couch while ‘exorcising the demon’ and if you’re really serious about showing who’s the boss, go for a sex swing. We will have one or two available in our store soon.


Another important thing to remember is that wet dolls can get torn and suffer damage easier than dolls that are freshly powdered. That is why we recommend the constant use of baby powder (talcum powder) to make sure her skin is soft, smooth and durable. Now, if you’re constantly using her for ‘penis practice’ (several times a day) and don’t wish to re-powder each time, it is safe to simply clean her and dry with a towel. But in this case, a removable vagina is probably the best route to go. They are actually not that bad even if most prefer to go without this extra option.

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No matter what, a lot of people still have doubts about realistic sex dolls. They think that there is no way that they are truly lifelike or feel like a real woman. And even if they do, they are under the impression that it must be very fragile and will break after only a few uses. As far as we know, there are only 2 brands of sex dolls that sell silicone girls that are known to have defects after only a few months. We do not sell any dolls from these 2 brands, period. Also, a lot of Chinese sellers on Aliexpress sell fake picture dolls, bad products and manipulate the system into scamming thousands of people. You will not get the doll that is in the picture 90% of the time. They have been bringing a lot of damage to the doll scene but since the system is designed in a way that allows them to do this, there’s not much that can be done.

But despite these unfortunate events, the community and the number of silicone girl and boy lovers are only growing. When affordable quality robots will be available, it will be something truly beautiful and might even alter how we look at sex and relationships as a whole. With no drama, no STDs, and most importantly no risks of pregnancy or betrayal of trust that regular relationships pose - robot sex dolls are the future we look forward to.

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