Improve your Sex Technique with a Love Doll

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Improve your Sex Technique with a Love Doll

Unlike most sex toys in its field, realistic human-sized sex dolls are all about humanizing the experience instead of de-humanizing it like, for example a Fleshlight type solo masturbator.  These love dolls are the closest thing we have invented to mimicking the sexual experience and it can engage all of our senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch (even more so with an AI sex robot). So it comes as no surprise that we can also use these beautiful dolls to improve our sex lives and sexual technique. Here are 3 ways that you can improve your love-making technique with the help of a silicone woman.


  1. Improve stamina and Last longer

When it comes to sex between a real woman and a man, the average length that the act lasts is about 5 minutes (according to the 2005 study many lasted even less, and a few that lasted more). From a historical perspective, Alfred Kinsey's 1948 research found that 75 percent of American men ejaculated within the first two minutes of sex. We do not consider those good statistics, especially when we haven’t even taken into account the large number of men who have erectile dysfunction or simply cannot get it up during the act for various psychological reasons.

In our modern-day, a lot of people blame pornography for sexually related problems but if we look at the statistics, they tell a different tale. The truth is sexual relationships have been slowly but constantly improving. We are more educated, prepared and available for sex. The thing that both men and women will need to focus on in the future is the quality of sex and relationships. Because there is a difference between having a roll in the hay and enjoying that roll. And with all the sexually transmitted diseases out there it is more important than ever to make sure that if you are gaining carnal knowledge of your partner it is safe and a good experience for both of you.


 improve sex stamina


 So, how can you go longer with a sex doll? Unlike with masturbation that relies on your imagination or the help of visual aid (pornography) and has little to no actual physical component to it (except for a hand or a vibrator), real dolls make the experience truly human-centric. You can’t just sit idly on a couch or your bed with a lifelike sex doll. For the act to happen, you will need to engage your full body in the act. If you want to enjoy it and prolong the experience as long as you can (similar to edging masturbation), it will require a strong core and almost like a cardio exercise routine (but this one is actually fun). Controlling your breathing is a must as well as switching positions to avoid cramps and sore muscles. 

 Sex dolls are even tighter than real women if you bring her legs together, which makes it easier to practice and to go longer. You will get a much better feeling of how long you can last and when you are near orgasm than with masturbation. And once you’re familiar with that feeling of being on the edge during sex, it will be easier to change the speed and tempo to make sure you don’t ejaculate before you want to. Another benefit is the use of lube and getting used to applying it before and during the act. Many women note that they cannot stay wet for longer periods of time during penetrative sex (especially with the use of condoms). There seems to be an incorrect assumption that women do not need to use lubrication, and if they do, they have a problem.

Lube is not only for anal sex or for men who have giant penises. A woman might be into you and turned on but not be wet, the same way a man can be turned on by a woman and not have an erection. It’s also possible the other way around. A woman or man can be turned off by their partner’s actions but turned on because of the situation or simply because they are biologically programmed to feel arousal if certain conditions are met. Just because you are aroused by someone physically, doesn’t mean you actually want to engage in a sexual activity. We have derailed here and the main point was to use lube. It is not shameful, wrong or unhealthy if you need to use a lubricant. There are many high-quality, healthy lubes out there and even a company that invented a device that can store and pre-heat your personal love juice.



  1. Get used to Condoms

Not many men are fond of using condoms during sexual activity and for a good reason. They are uncomfortable, smell, hard to come by quality condoms during day-to-day shopping and are nowhere near as foolproof as they advertise to be. Not to mention that most big companies put a bunch of unhealthy materials inside their product. Luckily with the improvement of technology also come new designs in condoms. Lelo has invented a new honeycomb shape condom called HEX, which is said to be much more durable and pleasurable for the user.

The Japanese also have an interesting design with the Sagami, which is a non-latex condom and super thin.

 sex doll condoms

While condoms do have their drawbacks they are still the easiest, fastest and safest way to prevent STD’s and unwanted pregnancies. But as most active men know, there is a huge difference in sensation and experience with the use of condoms. If the product is not a good fit, it can cause discomfort, break or slip off during intercourse. In case your penis is uncircumcised, the condom can cause a significant amount of pain and even numbness after just a few minutes. Take a look at this list of best condoms for uncut penises.


 Even if the condom is a good fit, you might need to switch up your technique in order to actually enjoy the sexual act. Things that you’d like without a condom might feel entirely different than with a condom. That is why with the help of sex dolls, you can experiment with different types of different products and various forms of lovemaking. Condom sex can be enjoyable as well but like with most things in life, practice and experience are key. And practicing with a silicone girl is very different than practicing with a human one. If you’re with a human sexual partner, you’d want the experience to be as good as possible and not have to experiment with bad condoms or sex techniques that don’t give you any satisfaction. With social media, dating apps and the huge amount of selection we have in real-life dating, people are far pickier when it comes to sex. With real people, one bad sexual encounter is all that you’ll get before they decide to move on to someone else. While it’s impossible to always perform at your best all the time, what you can do is increase your chances of success. And that is where real sex dolls come into action.


 So you can use condoms with sex dolls to better prepare for real-life experiences. Find out which condoms work best for you. This way, when that special someone comes along, you won’t have to waste time and good experiences with bad condoms. There is also an added benefit of not going commando with your silicone woman. If you use condoms, cleaning the doll is much more convenient and time-efficient.


3.Explore Sex Positions

How can you know which sex positions you enjoy, and suite you if you haven’t tried all of them out? All of us are different, with different bodies, desires and capabilities. There are hundreds of sex positions out there just waiting to be explored. Who would with you rather experiment: a non-judgmental TPE sex doll or a quick to judge human being? We humans are impatient creatures and tend to respond only to positive stimuli. If you try out a new sex position with a real person and it doesn’t go well because of some reason, that person might never try that or any other new position for a long time (if ever) again.

sex doll positions

Increase your chances of success with lifelike human-sized sex dolls. At this time, there are thousands of different models of silicone girls available: short, tall, skinny, big, even ones with tattoos or other body modifications. They have the same dimensions and weight as real humans. This is the closest you can get with being a human without actually being with a human.

Don’t go to the extreme when practicing. Remember that real dolls can hold positions that not even contortionists or pro athletes can. They are not limited to human biology which means you will have to keep the positions similar to what a human being can do. Protect the body as well. You can push the head of a doll into the walls while having a hard rogering session, and it can keep getting banged into the concrete, but you might not be able to do that with your real-life partner. Also, if you are planning to use your doll for this purpose, we recommend going with the standing feet option. This way you can actually mimic a lot of the positions you can do with your human lover without the doll falling over or damaging her skin.



Sex dolls have been helping singles and couples with their sex lives for several decades now. And with new designs, affordable prices, it’s now a reality for everyone to own, practice and improve their technique with the help of these wonderful silicone girls. Practice all forms of sexual activity or even simple things like kissing and improve your confidence in the dating world.

 This was part I. on how to improve your sex technique with a silicone love doll. Part II. will feature advanced techniques and new forms of love-making.

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