Is your roommate using your Sex Doll?

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Is your roommate using your Sex Doll?

Do you have one of those roommates that always snoops around and touches your stuff? Are you scared that he might be banging your new sex doll? It is highly unlikely but also somewhat possible that this might be the case. If it is the case, you have a 64% chance (made up statistic) of getting an STD. And the last thing you’d want after coming home to Busty Amy 2.0 after a long day’s work is getting a new STD you didn’t have or want before. So let’s see if your naughty roommate is shagging your silicone girl in secret and what you can do to catch, expose and punish his sorry ass.

Disclaimer: This blog is written purely for entertainment and comedic effect, please do not take it too seriously, thank you.


Can you truly get an infection or virus from your Sex Doll if someone else is using it?

sex doll infection

The answer is yes. While most bacteria cannot live outside the human body for long periods of time, unwashed sex toys that are passed around between short periods can spread unwanted infections. Most bacteria or viruses can only last a few seconds to a few minutes outside the body, which is why we don’t get sick from touching doorknobs or toilet seats. But if someone unleashed bodily fluids or blood inside the vagina of your silicone girl Amy, and then you go and have a jolly good time with Amy, not noticing that she has been raped, things might get unpleasant. You might be asking ‘How would I not notice a big pool of juice coming out of my doll’s private parts before I rumpty-dumpty her?’ There can be multiple reasons why: depression, anger, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, your judgment is clouded by extreme levels of horny etc.


How do I protect my Doll and keep unwanted penises outside of her nether parts?

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What we recommend is locking your bedroom or the area where your doll is kept. This can be achieved by using a key. Or using thermal handprints, eye-scan and voice activation for your titanium pervert bunker. Whichever is more convenient. If for some reason this option is not available to you, we highly recommend getting a guard dog. Or if you’re in a Slavic country, you can go on the cheap and implement a highly-trained brown bear. In case you don’t want a pet (or have a no-defense option lazy cat) you can always buy a modern chastity belt for Busty Amy 2.0. Just make sure the chastity belt is a premium model, with no sharp edges and made only out of metal (as leather or artificial materials can stain the doll). Don’t like bears or chastity belts? You’re more of a tech guy? Go for a spy cam with a speaker option. So when your roommate sneaks in to deflower your silicone girl, use the speaker option of your spy cam to freak him out. He’ll be so traumatized, his dick will self-circumcise in panic.  


Want revenge on your roommate for ruining your perfect relationship?

silicone doll problems

We cannot recommend revenge. It is not nice. But if you’re certain this is the path you must take, we can give you a few tips on what not to do. So don’t do these things:

  1. Do not hook your sex doll up to an electrical current. It is not safe for anyone, even if you do think it would make for a funny video.
  2. Do not put a swarm of bees inside your sex dolls vagina. Your roommate might be a douchebag but bees are going extinct so this is not recommended.
  3. Do not put a tiny mousetrap inside the doll’s asshole. Yes, your roommate’s penis is acting like a backstabbing rat, but mousetrap on pipi is almost as bad as watching the last season of Game of Thrones.
  4. Please, oh please do not use any of the anti-rape devices on this list! Sharp spiky condoms and killer tampons are too much, even for your roommate’s free willy.


And yes, you might say: ‘Ok, that’s all very nice, Dollpodium, but all you’ve been talking about is a male roommate, what if my roommate who is having sex with my doll is a female?’

That is a pickle indeed. In this case a psychological approach is best. Take a piece of paper, write down ‘My tits are better than yours and your pussy smells. I want to break up with you, sweetheart’, push it inside your sex dolls vagina and wait for the magic to happen.


Communicate with your roommate to avoid such problems

roommate using sex doll

The best way to avoid such transgressions and betrayals of trust is a good healthy dose of communication or threats. Tell your roommate that Busty Amy 2.0. is yours, like literally yours as you paid for her. Ask him politely not to shag her. And avoid saying things like ‘If I miss my part of the rent, you can fuck my sex doll’. If your roommate responds better to manipulation, tell him that you have a dead body inside your room that you regularly fuck. While we are against all forms of necrophilia, you can tell your roommate that the body belongs to someone who snooped around your room and got caught. Threats are a last resort (again we advise against it) and should be made only if all other measures have failed. Assert your dominance with something like: ‘If you touch Busty Amy, I will guillotine your pipi and sell it on eBay.’



Conclusion: Sex Dolls are a lot of fun but people can get jealous and try to ruin your fun. Make sure your silicone girl is left un-sodomized and faithful to you and only you. If you followed our guide it is highly unlikely you have a roommate in the first place, but in case you do, remember to love and protect. But also don’t let some silicone hot stuff get in the way of your friendship.  If your roommate is having a rough year, be a trooper and share. After all, sex dolls have three holes and several thousand potential holes. You can double team with your mate and enjoy a friendly spitroast. Sharing is caring!


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