sex doll cleaning


Cleaning your doll is very important. If you want your doll to maintain her beauty and last many years, proper care is required.  These are our suggestions.

We recommend cleaning the genital area of use after each sexual contact. If you are using condoms and water-based lube every 2-3 uses. As for the whole doll itself every 2-4 weeks. Excessive full body cleaning can damage the doll. Be very careful when handling a wet doll as her skin is more sensitive and likely to tear.

DO NOT USE: regular cleaning products, deodorant or shampoo that is not 99% organic. Most of the times just water and a sponge will do. Unless your doll is a full silicone doll (no TPE), because silicone dolls are more resistant to chemicals. For TPE dolls, it is recommended to only use water and powder once it's dried. 



  • Water (lukewarm or cold)
  • Corn or Rice Starch Organic Powder (baby powder)
  • Light sponge or swab sponge
  • A non-abrasive drying cloth
  • Wet paper towel (no alcohol content)
  • Regular paper towel or soft toilet paper (unscented)
  • Cotton Towels Large (same or similar color as doll’s skin tone)
  • Enema Douche & Vaginal Irrigator
  • Glass or metal cup
  • Possibly some Organic Antibacterial soap (but not recommended & do not put on genitals)



The most important things when cleaning your doll is to use as little water as possible, be as gentle with the sponge or cloth as you can, and to dry with a towel, which is the same or similar color as your doll’s skin tone.

To avoid dirt and bacterial build-up, we suggest a thorough clean every 2-4 weeks. Depending on your usage, you may consider cleaning more frequently. This should be done in the bathtub or shower. The head of the doll can be removed (if it isn’t a fixed head model) and cleaned separately but not required. Do not submerge the doll or the head in the water. Use a soft material as a cushion for your doll before placing her in the bathtub. If nothing else is available, use the packaging of the doll as this cushion. Since the doll has a metal skeleton it is also advised to place a large plastic bag under her so that you do not scratch or damage your bathtub. By using the shower head and a light sponge or cloth, go over the doll’s body, carefully scrubbing every inch. Everything must be done in a light and gentle manner. Many owners enjoy the experience and look forward to seeing their doll dripping and wet.

The neck and the head of your doll must be hand washed, without the use of the shower head. Too much water and the neck screws might develop rust. Clean the wig of the doll separately. Do not get water in the doll’s eye.

Proper drying is done with cotton towels. Use the towels to pat dry. Do not scrub, do not pull the towel over the doll’s skin. Gently pat the surface of the doll until it is dried.




Cleaning her vagina, anus, and mouth is a delicate and necessary process. There are 2 methods that we can suggest. The enema douche way or the swab sponge method.  The enema douche method is the most widespread and best way to clean the dolls orifices.  Before you begin to clean the doll, position her on her back with legs spread as wide as possible.


 Enema Douche Method

  1. Make an antibacterial solution with water and soap
  2. Fill your enema douche kit with this solution
  3. Have a glass or metal cup in hand
  4. Push the solution inside the doll using the douche’s nozzle. For the nozzle to slide in easily without lubrication, squeeze the douching kit as you do this. As the liquid pushes out, it will be easier and safer to insert (repeat when pulling out)
  5. As the solution goes inside the doll, push the glass or metal cup underneath her hole, to catch the liquid coming out
  6. Repeat as many times as necessary
  7. Switch to a water solution and repeat as many times as necessary
  8. Dry the inside with a soft cloth or swab sponge (paper towels if nothing else is at hand). Make sure to push it in all the way.
  9. Put a swab sponge or small paper towel inside to absorb any remaining moisture
  10. Remove everything and let it air dry (test for moisture if it is needed). Apply powder to the outside area


 Swab Sponge Method

  1. Coat a small swab sponge with an antibacterial solution (warm water mix with antibacterial soap)
  2. You can now use this sponge to clean the vaginal or anal orifices. Insert the sponge lightly in the orifice, and repeat until it is clean
  3. Take out a new, unused sponge and now repeat with only water
  4. Insert a soft cloth or paper towel to remove any excess moisture.
  5. Once you dry the doll, apply talcum powder to the exterior of the orifice.



Cleaning the doll’s hair or wig is the easiest thing of sex doll care. Simply remove the wig and clean it in the shower. We suggest antibacterial soap but you can also use shampoo. Very little cleaning agent is needed. After the wig is wet, use your fingers to untangle any stray hair or knots. Then wash again. Do not pull on the hair! The shower head will untangle most of the wig on its own. We do not recommend using a comb or hair dryer! The wig will dry on its own in max. 1-2 days. If you desire to comb the doll’s hair, make sure you buy a separate wig that is designed to be combed and meets your needs. 



 A common problem with realistic love dolls is that certain clothing, bed sheets might leave stains. If you have a light skin doll, try using light colors like white, grey, pink or red. Black clothing will almost always stain a light skin toned doll.

If your doll has already been stained there is one method that you can use to try and remove it. Baby oil will remove some of the stainings. Use some wet towels and baby oil on the stained surface. If you see it working, repeat until most or all of it has been removed. This is the only instance where you can scrub your doll. But make sure you use a lot of baby oil. After the oiling process, you must wash the surface and use lots of talcum powder in the end.

While this process works well in many cases, we strongly suggest prevention and using proper colored clothing. Faux leather and dark, wet synthetic materials will usually stain a doll. If your doll is wet there is a higher chance it will get stained. Also, if you are storing your doll on a bed or couch, make sure to place a light colored bed sheath underneath her body. Preferably a sheath that you won't be using for something else. 



 We suggest storing your doll on a bed, couch or another soft surface. If you cannot do this due to privacy and lifestyle reasons, you can store it in its original box.  When storing be very careful of the following things: sharp surfaces, sunlight (damages skin), dust (cover your doll), staining (certain bags can stain your doll with their ink content).

The best hiding place for your doll is under the bed or inside a storage bed. This is the least likely place your doll will be discovered. Some people use storage cases or special treasure chest type couches. If you are concerned about what people might say if they found your doll, we recommend keeping her clothed at all times, when not in use.

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