New Changes 2020

New Changes 2020

granny sex doll

Adding to our collection, we are going to introduce MILF sex dolls, more Transgender love dolls, Muscle sex dolls and a few more to the Black collection. Also, we will be removing a lot of dolls from the Podium selection. replacing them with JW and JD dolls. We will no longer offer 7-day shipping as we will be focusing on unique dolls that we like, minimal or full customizations, instead of shipping out a small collection of pre-made dolls like we did when we only had the Podium collection. 

Also, we are planning to re-launch some of our social media channels as we were banned due to adult content (even though we marked all of them as +18 mature and followed their guidelines). While other public nude sex doll content has not been banned simply because they were uploaded before the high level of A.I. robot censorship that is happening these days. (the only A.I. robots we like our the ones with double D's)

We want to thank everyone that supported us in 2019. Enjoy your sexy love dolls. The Dollpodium team wishes you a Happy New Year!

muscle sex doll

For anyone looking for an extra push to purchase a realistic love doll, here we have some Coupon Codes for 2020

Also, please check out our Fetlife Friends providing The Ultimate Experience In Submission at DOMMETRY

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