Non-sexual benefits of owning love dolls - Home Defense

Non-sexual benefits of owning love dolls - Home Defense

Real silicone dolls for sex aren’t only designed to make your private parts feel tingly and warm. They have various other functions as well, like confusing hackers who are spying on you through your webcam. Or a burglar might break into your house, see something that looks like a real human being, when in fact it’s just your faithful Asian sex doll, and flee to avoid getting caught. There are numerous other benefits of owning full body silicone dolls and today at we are sharing non- sexual benefits of owning sex dolls.


Using Sex Dolls for Home Defense

sex doll home

Everybody should feel safe and secure in the confines of their home. It is the place you rest, it is your very own sanctuary and cave of sodomy. But there are some people out there who wish to disturb your peace. These are people in masks, wielding weapons, preparing to break in and steal your valuables or drink your expensive coconut almond milk. You must protect your home and possibly your lazy pet cat. Alas, not even John Wick is constantly ready to fight off the baddies.  Sometimes you’re just in a deep, relaxing sleep, dreaming about a great white shark in stiletto high heels chasing a flying laptop playing Rick and Morty. You’re not constantly in high-alert defense mode, maybe you even forgot to lock the door or start your home security system. It happens to the best of us.

But the burglar noticed. He has been watching your home, preparing for over two weeks now. The burglar, who we will call Frankie, is well aware that you have a rare and valuable comic book collection stashed away in a safe. And two tons of gold.   He is aware of this because your spiteful ex-girlfriend told him one night as they were making sweet angry love.

The door is unlocked and the burglar slowly walks in, tiptoeing on his special burglar ballet shoes. He has a gun in one hand, a fleshlight, I mean flashlight in the other. Frankie is slowly making his way to your bedroom, ready to do whatever it takes for those super valuable comic books, and maybe the gold as well, but he’s not picky. The burglar is already in the hallway. There are only three rooms: your bedroom, the guestroom, and a kinky sex dungeon. Frankie already knows which one you’re at thanks to your snitching ex-girlfriend.

What can you do? You forgot to lock the door, forgot to start the security system, and you're still dreaming about that great white shark in high heels, which is now tap dancing on top of a skyscraper for some reason. Is this the day that you lose everything? You don’t have any insurance either, because your father hated insurance companies and you wanted to please and be just like him. Will you go bankrupt and forced to give up the luxurious lifestyle you worked so hard to finally enjoy? Is this the end?

home defense

‘Not today.’ Said your sexual doll, in the hall, next to your bedroom. Actually, what she said was ‘Put your head inside my pussy, Daddy,’ in a strangely erotic and robotic voice.

Whatever she said, it startled Frankie the burglar so bad, he unleashed a few drops of pee on his trembling thighs. He doesn’t like to wear underwear before a heist. It’s a kinky thing. Don’t judge him! Just because he’s a criminal doesn’t mean he doesn’t have needs too. Pervy Frankie is now motionless, frozen and terrified. The full-size sex doll says something else and he mistakes it for a real human, a threat. Panicking, he walks into the nearest room. His heart is jumping out of his chest. He grips the gun tighter. He never used it before. The safety is still on. For just a quick moment, he contemplates his life choices. This job sucks. He really should consider getting a different line of work, maybe something in a public library or a hairstylist. Frankie always liked hair. But he pushes these thoughts away. This is no time for doubt. He is a burglar, one that has never been caught. He can do this, he will do this. After all, he is already in.

But what burglar Frankie didn’t realize is where he is in. Startled by the sex doll in the hall, he chose to avoid detection by entering the nearest room to his right. Yes, but this is no ordinary room. This is your sex dungeon Frankie just stumbled into. As he moves the flashlight around to illuminate the area, his eyes see all sorts of objects of sodomy. There are leather whips, steel canes, latex masks, devices of torture and pain, bondage equipment, human cages and more. Frankie quickly realized he might have broken into the wrong house. Your ex-girlfriend didn’t tell him anything about this. That’s because you never trusted your ex enough to share this part of your life with her as you felt that she could not be trusted. You were right.


 sex doll dungeon

Frankie is desperately trying to keep it together. Moving away from some of the sex and fetish paraphilia, he accidentally touches Harmony, another one of your robot sex dolls. Harmony was the last sex doll you had sex with and you stopped your interaction with her just before she could reach the climax setting. So she is right on the edge of orgasm. And as Frankie touches Harmony, she just explodes. She starts moaning and groaning, filling the room with sounds of pleasure and ecstasy. Frankie flips out. He trips and drops the gun. Panicking, he crawls on the ground to find the gun, unaware of the whole sex robot situation. The light of his flashlight illuminates the pistol on the ground and he reaches for it. But it was right next to Harmony. The sex robot is still orgasming, and she has very strong and sudden foot movements as she climaxes. One of these sudden jerks catches Frankie right on the face. Harmony kicks him and Frankie falls back, flustered. The robot sex doll has a super-strong kick and the burglar got the full blow.

Wounded Frankie can feel the redness in his cheeks and a ringing noise in his head. Adrenaline kicks in. It’s go time now. He gets up and charges the humanoid sex doll, thinking it’s a real person. As he starts to strangle Harmony, the sex doll orgasms once more. What can we say, she likes it rough. Another sudden foot jerk catches Frankie by surprise, this time straight to his family jewels.

‘My Balls!” Frankie cries out in pain. The burglar really wishes he was a hairstylist now. Trying to escape the deadly nut bashing, he crawls into the BDSM cage. He closes the door, trying to protect himself.

Harmony doesn’t pursue. Why would she? Harmony is just a sex robot, she’s not a crime fighter. She enjoyed her orgasm and is now in sleep mode. Realizing that the coast is clear, Frankie decides that it’s safe to get out of the cage even though he is still extremely confused at what had just transpired. But the BDSM cage he sought safety in has an auto-locking system. You can’t open it from the inside. Frankie is trapped. In vain, he struggles in the dark against the hard steel bars. Escape is impossible.

This is it. Frankie is done for. His days of crime and mischief are about to end. The owner of the house has probably called the police by now. He’s going to jail for a long time. Frankie didn’t hear good things about prison. It seems like not the best place to be in. But as he is sitting inside his practice cage for prison, he slowly realizes that nobody is coming. How is that possible?

The night goes by and Frankie is still trapped. The owner of the house is a very heavy sleeper. And today he overslept for work. Angry and in a hurry, he doesn’t notice the fact that someone broke into his house and leaves for work. All the while, poor Frankie is still in bondage and surrounded by sex toys and dolls.

Eventually, he manages to escape by googling and reading the guide ‘how to escape from a steel bondage cage in 6 easy steps with pictures’.

 After he gets out and leaves this godforsaken house, Frankie decides not to rob the place. This whole night was a very valuable experience for him. Frankie leaves his life of crime behind and becomes a hairstylist. He tells his outlaw buddies that they should stop as well. It’s not safe to rob a man’s house anymore. Sexbots are real.


In the end

Sexbots and sex dolls are indeed real and while they are not designed as a security system, if you live alone in the suburbs, they might prove to be a decent deterrent for burglars looking for an easy place to rob. The common burglar always looks for the easiest targets. Even something as ridiculous as planting a sex doll in front of a window might prove to be an effective way of forcing the burglar to choose a different home.  With movies like Chucky or Anabelle, most people are also creeped out and scared of dolls. Imagine what the burglar feels when he thinks he is alone and safe then suddenly a giant, super realistic human-sized doll is in front of him in the dark. Believe or not, there are superstitious criminals as well.

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