Practice Tantra with Dolls and last Forever

Practice Tantra with Dolls and last Forever

When it comes to sexuality, tantra is about quality over quantity. This ancient practice from India is more than just a way to have great sex--it's a holistic approach to sensuality that can be used to improve your life in and out of the bedroom.

Tantra isn't just about sex, but using sexual energy to create positive change in all areas of your life. The focus is on pleasure, both giving and receiving, as a way to connect with yourself and your partner(s). By tapping into this powerful energy, you can achieve greater satisfaction both in bed and out.

If you're interested in trying tantra, there are a few things you can do to get started. First, take some time to learn about the practice and what it entails. There are plenty of books and online resources available to get you started.


Tantra with silicone Sex dolls

When it comes to exploring our sexuality, there are few things as versatile and open-minded as tantra. Tantra is all about finding new and creative ways to experience pleasure, and that includes experimenting with different kinds of sex toys. Real dolls are one of the most popular options for tantric play because they offer a realistic experience that can be customized to your specific desires.

Tantric sex with real dolls can be a truly sensual and intimate experience. The key is to take your time and explore all of the doll's features. Start by massaging her body with your hands or a soft cloth. Then, move on to kissing and licking her skin. Once you're both aroused, you can penetrate her in any way you desire. The possibilities are endless!


Last longer in bed

A recent study has found that men who have sex with real dolls or silicone dolls last longer in bed than those who don't. The study's author, Dr. James Melendez, says that the dolls provide a "physical and emotional release" for men that helps them to last longer during sex.

Dr. Melendez believes that the dolls could also help to reduce the number of sexual assaults by providing an outlet for men's sexual desires. He says that the dolls are "a safe and consensual way for men to explore their sexuality."

The study's findings suggest that robots could be a valuable tool in helping men to control their sexual urges and last longer in bed. However, Dr. Melendez cautioned that more research is needed to confirm these findings.


Experience more

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, people are beginning to seek out ways to experience the physical world in new ways. One way people are doing this is by purchasing silicone dolls or robots that they can interact with physically.

While some may see these dolls as nothing more than sex toys, there are those who see them as a way to connect with another person on a deeper level. These dolls can be customized to look and feel like real people, and many come equipped with artificial intelligence that allows them to hold conversations and even form bonds with their owners.

Whether you're looking for a physical connection or simply a way to spice up your sex life, owning a silicone doll or robot can be a truly unique experience.


Become a Casanova

A Casanova is a man who is skilled in the art of seduction. He knows how to make a woman feel special and desired, and he knows how to please her in bed. If you want to become a Casanova, there are some things you need to know.

First, you need to have confidence. This can easily be helped and achieved with the use of sexual dolls. A woman can tell if you're nervous or not confident, and it'll turn her off. Be sure of yourself and your abilities, and she'll be putty in your hands. If you've done it a hundred times with your adult doll, it will be almost the same with a real human. In many cases even better.

Second, learn what she likes. Every woman is different, so it's important that you take the time to learn what turns her on. If you know what she likes, you can give her an experience she'll never forget. You can even practice what she likes on your silicone real doll. Just a cheap sex doll buy can make you into the perfect lover. 

Finally, be patient. Women appreciate a man who takes his time and doesn't rush things.


Don't waste time with online dating

If you're looking for love, don't waste your time with online dating. You're more likely to find what you're looking for with a real doll or silicone doll than you are with a robot. Also, now that you have great bedroom skills due to your sex doll practice, why not use that confidence and go pick up someone in real life.

Online dating is a waste of time for many reasons. First of all, it's hard to find someone who is genuine and who you click with. Second of all, even if you do find someone, there's no guarantee that they'll be interested in you. Third of all, online dating is very time consuming and it can be easy to get lost in the sea of profiles and messages.

So why bother with online dating when there are other options out there? If you're looking for something real and lasting, go for a real human date or a sex robot or silicone doll.


It's not about wanting but giving

When it comes to giving and receiving pleasure, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. However, tantra provides a framework for exploring our sexuality and deepening our connection with ourselves and our partners. Through breath work, meditation, and intention setting, we can open ourselves up to new levels of passion, lust, and fulfillment.

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