Sex Doll Clothing and Lingerie

Sex Doll Clothing and Lingerie

 “Wash your hands! Don’t poke her eye! No, she doesn’t like a penny in her mouth.”

 Anyone who has a sex doll knows the difficulties of having friends over and the awkward groping incidents that happen after. People like groping sexy love dolls. Men and women. It’s not a big secret. Sometimes they push their fingers in her mouth or up her nose, tickle her ear, all sorts of nasty stuff. No boundaries whatsoever. And it’s somewhat understandable, realistic silicone dolls are the closest thing to a human replica we have created on a large scale. They’re weird, cute, interesting, scary, and overall just fun to touch. 

In this blog, we will discuss how to dress up your lovely sex doll in order to avoid any unwanted attention. Also, we will be exploring the touchy subject of sex doll abductions. A very common issue these days, but one that we will help you avoid. 


  1. Dress to Scare

What are your friends, roommates, family members, people you invite to your place most scared of? Do your research. Ask for everyone’s porn history or the last horror movies they watched. Be very thorough. Depending on their answer, you can dress her up in things like a clown, nun, corpse, a vegan, or something truly scary like - Hillary Clinton. Now, I know what you are already thinking, but if I dress her up like that, how will I still be attracted to my sex doll? The answer is easy, you won’t. But that’s just how the cookie crumbles. If you are currently not attracted to a vegan or a clown that is something you must slowly train yourself to accept by subliminal brainwashing techniques. Very easy and accessible. 


  1. Take the Head off

Human beings are very head-centric. We are drawn to that part of the body because of evolution and because we like imagining people giving us oral sex. By taking the head off of your full-sized sex dolly, most unwanted attention will also be removed. To maximize this method, we recommend dressing up the now headless body like a lumberjack. Obviously, headless lumberjacks are a very common and deep-rooted fear for most English speakers. If for some crazy reason you are missing your lumberjack uniform, you can improvise by dressing your sex doll or robot up in toilet paper. A headless sex doll body in toilet paper will be less of a magnet and more of a scarecrow. 


 3. Make her Too Sexy

This might seem counterproductive, but most people can only handle a certain amount of sexy. So, if you manage to push over their sexy limit, they will be too afraid and horny to do anything about it. A very common method used in bakeries, where they make giant human-sized cakes to overwhelm someone to the point that they must step inside the cake and become one with the sweets. In this method, we recommend the highest quality stockings for your sex doll and heels. Always heels. Do not even consider sandals. You have been warned! A top body harness that shows off your love doll's cute breasts and nipples will make people want to touch but without the actual confidence to touch. Not only have you dressed up your silicone wife like a boss, but you have also protected her from the legion of evil hands marching on her innocent soft body. 



  1. Stripper Boots and a SwitchBlade Butterfly


Stripper boots are one of the most important elements of clothing in human society. They are also great on Silicone and TPE sex dolls. But it is not enough to eject the non-consensual touches from her body. Or to protect her from being abducted. You must add the accessory (always important to accessorize) of the SwitchBlade Butterfly. The combination of these two will have anyone running for the hills. Protect your home, protect your sex doll!



  1. Hook her up to your car battery


A tried, true and trusted method. But not anymore. Unfortunately, it is now illegal to hook your sex doll up with electricity unless the doll is a robot or has built-in electrical functions. Due to many people attempting to Frankenstein sex dolls, bringing them to life, most countries have adopted a “Stop Making Sex Doll Zombies” law. So the only logical alternative is to hire a squirrel, teach the squirrel how to use a taser, then have the cute animal shock anyone who touches your Busty Sex Doll without your consent. Easy and fun!


  1. Chastity Belts

They are not just for princesses or Mad Max movies but also for your silicone princess. Get some thick steel to cover her private parts, crotch, and the breasty area of course. Now you will have the only key to your lady's most sensitive and pleasurable areas. This will also discourage abduction and any unwanted silicone babies. The only downside to this is if you lose the keys. That is why you must never give the keys to Hillary Clinton. 


  1. Buy poisonous lingerie

A favorite technique of the gold digger wife. Poisonous lingerie has been making waves in the gold digger community and there are several top selections and best offs that you can choose for your sexy silicone queen. These types of lingerie will excrete a powerful poisonous substance that will infect, paralyze or even permanently sleepy-sleepy anyone who runs their hungry and unsuspecting hands on the soft fabric. You will be inoculated with the antidote that you will take every morning with your fancy Irish tea and cookie breakfast. This is a very modern and fun way to get your doll hands-free but the downside is that abduction is still possible. So we recommend buying some remote control explosions or at least a GPS tracker with a built-in speaker. This way you can talk directly to the sex doll thieves and give them a second chance and forgiveness if they repent for their evil doings. Poison, threaten, and forgive is our motto here at Dollpodium. 


We hope you found these methods useful and wish you all a very fulfilling and happy sex doll experience. As long as you stay vigilant, applying these 100% cruelty-free methods to protect your loved ones, you will have a very peaceful life. Sexy clothing is not just for women, it is for dolls and inner peace as well. Stay safe, defend Shaggatron Amy 2000 XY, model quadruple D. 


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