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This is an in-depth guide on navigating and buying from a sex doll store. We will be focusing mainly on full-sized dolls and how to pick the doll that will make you happy. For those who would like a custom-made doll, we will talk about building a new silicone TPE girl from scratch at the end of this tutorial.


There are many differences between our products and realistic synthetic girls in general, so whether you’re looking to buy a Fantasy love doll, and Asian, Black, BBW, Shemale sex doll, or Male silicone doll – these are some things to take into consideration.


  1. Are the Pictures Real?

sex doll scams

The pictures are real but you also need to keep in mind that they are indeed pictures. And obviously, we choose the best ones to put on the site. Some of these will include heavy makeup on the doll, which will not be on the doll you will order. For this reason, we have many videos up on our site or links where you can see exactly how she looks in real life. We also feature factory photos at the end of each doll if we have them. Now, factory or real-time photos will be much worse looking than how your doll will actually appear to you in real life. These factory photos are always made by phone and in a hurry. So yes, no matter what doll you order, from whatever store you choose there will be a slight difference. And this can be from things like your monitor’s color or size. There is a huge difference between what you see on a full-sized laptop screen or a mobile phone. What thing you can be certain of if you’re buying from our store – you will always get the doll from the photos and descriptions. Even if you decide not to buy because of the high price, or once you see the factory photos or videos – we must provide our customers with high quality legitimate and authentic adult dolls.

This doesn’t mean you won’t get the doll in the photos. We assure you that the experience you will have when you first lay your eyes on your new realistic girl will be much better than any photo or video can achieve.

The wigs might be slightly different. The photos of the doll’s usually featuring high-quality wigs, which are somewhat expensive. To keep the price of your new synthetic girlfriend as low as possible, we include a more budget wig that looks the same but is not a premium option like in some of the photos. Sometimes we do include the premium wig, but it will depend on the stock availability and the specific doll you choose. You can always buy a new wig if you fall in love with your girl. But if you decide to get a different doll because you wanted something in a different color, body type, or style, it’s better if you saved that 100$ on just a wig. Also, keep in mind that not all wigs are compatible with different dolls. The same way people have different sized heads, dolls need different sized wigs depending on their height, weight, and model.



  1. How long will it take for the doll to reach me?

sex doll fast shipping

Full-sized sex dolls take time. While many sex doll sellers have started to build up huge stocks of dolls and send them out when someone orders, this has some serious drawbacks. Sex dolls aren’t headphones or hats. You can’t just keep them in a box for several years and take them out and they’ll still be the same. These are human-sized realistic replicas of real women. They have a skeleton structure, skin, a lifelike head with human-like features, fingers, and toes. A sex doll kept in storage for several months is not going to be as hygienic as one shipped just a week after your order, nor will it look as good.

We do provide warehouse shipping from the USA, EU, and other countries as well, but we mainly focus on smaller sized dolls. They sell out faster than full-sized ones and thus are in a much better condition. Usually, our small dolls will be 1-2 months in a warehouse before they sell out and we need to re-stock. For best sellers like Ariana, it’s usually 2-3 weeks before we need a new batch. 

Yes, waiting for your full-sized sex doll can be frustrating. For example, you spent hundreds of dollars on a Black silicone TPE sex doll you’ve been fantasizing about for months and now you have to wait several weeks before you get it. She’s the lover of your dreams but yet still out of your reach. And the thought that you might have been scammed, or you won’t like it and many other doubts start to arise during the excruciatingly long wait. But also keep in mind that while for our dolls you have to wait weeks, for many other suppliers, those weeks are several months. All sex dolls are hand-made. You can’t just pump them out of a machine and be ready to pack. Those sellers that promise same week delivery will either scam you, send a different doll, or one that has been in their warehouse for who knows how long. They will be dusty, dirty, their skin might start to crack due to the dry air or even tear because of the stressful position their body is stored in. Quality always takes time and this is especially true when she’s a thick girl.



  1. Size and Weight

thick sex doll

Besides personal taste, we also advise customers (especially first-time buyers) to consider their own bodies as well. A tall, thick BBW silicone Goddess might be super appealing in theory but when you’re on the smaller side trying to move something that is almost as heavy as a real amazon woman, and she’s stiff and you’re stiff, it could get exhausting. But you also shouldn’t be discouraged. There are ways to get around the weight and height. A standing feet option is one of them. Without a standing feet option, your heavy synthetic woman will be increasingly difficult to move from one spot to another. So unless you plan to keep her static on the bed, sex swing, or some inflatable furniture – consider choosing a standing feet option for your doll. Be sure to specify this during your order or as a checkout note as it is impossible to change this once the doll is ready.

Here are some tips and tricks to move your big girl.

If you really find it hard to get around your silicone wife’s weight, try gently rolling her on the bed. Both TPE and Silicone sex dolls are extremely durable and if you gently roll her, she will be fine. And don’t try to do some crazy kama sutra positions either. Keep your lovemaking positions simple, unless you have special furniture ready to handle the stress.

Now, what is considered too heavy? This depends on the owner just as much as the sex doll. Usually, we consider dolls over 40-45kg to be heavy dolls. This is the equivalent of 60kg on a real woman because you’re doing all the work and she’s just lying there. Maybe not that different from a real relationship (just joking, it’s better).



  1. Asian Sex dolls the most Realistic

asian sex doll

We get asked a lot if Asian sex dolls are more realistic than the other silicone women. Presumably, people are under the assumption that since most solid real adult dolls are made in China, Japan or Korea – that the Asian ones are much better looking than the American or European models. This is not true. It depends 100% on the model and the cost. We presume that this assumption happens because most European or American men have not been with an Asian woman, so these dolls might hold some sort of unique fascination to them. Now the price also affects the lifelike nature of the synthetic girl. An 800$ doll might have a great body and a sexy face but a 1800$ doll will have realistic-looking fingers and toes that bend.

So do not be afraid to pick a doll with an American or European looking face because she will still be a great companion and a lover. The only notable difference between different types of dolls is that dark skin toned dolls usually don’t stain as much from dark/black color clothing.



  1. Seems too good to be true

sex doll fraud

If it’s on a warehouse type of site like Amazon, Ebay or Aliexpress it usually is too good to be true. It’s very easy for sellers to scam people on these sites because the dispute system is extremely hard to do for sex dolls. Shipping them back is expensive and even if you do get a bad quality doll, how do you actually prove it to Amazon or Aliexpress. The seller can just say you are trying to cheat him. Or pay someone who works on these sites to remove their negative feedback. It is a well-documented fact that sellers on these platforms have learned how to cheat the system.

When looking at a sex doll specialized store, you will see that they will take much better care of you as their reputation is the most important thing. Specialized and small stores depend on customer satisfaction. They have also infested a large amount of time in their stores and they can’t just pack up and open a new one like on Aliexpress. That doesn’t mean some specialized stores don’t try to scam their customers. What we suggest is testing their customer service. Most scammers don’t answer questions after you have placed an order. Why bother, right? They already got you, no need to waste any more time. So be careful with stores that don’t really answer your questions or don’t respond after you have placed an order.

Because we have some very good looking products at, featured at a decent price point, especially when it comes to BBW sex dolls and Fantasy love dolls some people automatically think that they are a scam. We are still a fairly small company. And because of this, we can afford to sell some dolls at a lower price point and still deliver a good quality product. But just because a sex doll has a low price today, doesn’t mean she will cost the same in 2-3 months. We are constantly expanding our team and product range, so this means our prices will eventually climb higher.

And out of all the doll supplier stores out there, Dollpodium is one of the only ones that provide real-time videos, before shipment factory photos and adult performer tested dolls. We guarantee that you will receive the doll in the pictures or a refund, and 100% safe materials in the production of your synthetic girl. Many sellers on Aliexpress or Amazon sell dolls that are made from recycled TPE or a toxic silicone blend that will give you a skin rash, infection, or in certain conditions something much worse. We even have some customers who said they bought a doll from Aliexpress and a significant amount of her skin melted on a hot summer day.



  1. Extra Functions

custom silicone TPE doll

A common interest for buyers is the heating or voice function. Of course, there is a strong allure to a warm body and someone that can talk to you, please be aware that not even the highest-priced sex dolls in the world have mastered these functions. The technology is not there. While we offer such options for our Custom Made sex dolls, we do not recommend it. We think it takes away from the experience more than it gives. And proper heating for dolls under 4000$ is just a dream. Yes, she will be warm in certain places, but will she be close to a real human? Not a chance.

The standing feet extra function is always recommended if you aren’t into feet, as it will make your doll easier to move, clean, and store. But you cannot add this function once the doll is complete. So always tell your seller that this is something you want when ordering.



  1. Custom Sex Dolls

funny sex doll

Buying a custom made realistic silicone or TPE doll is the best way to get exactly what you want from your new sex girlfriend. This way you can choose the doll’s head, body, and even the shape of her pubic hair if that’s what you want. While they offer a much more complex design and several different options for customization – they also have two major drawbacks from pre-configured dolls.

The first drawback is that these customer-tailored dolls take much more time to make. So your delivery will be pushed back by a significant amount. The second drawback is that what you might think will look good in theory or fantasy doesn’t necessarily mean it will look good in reality. With the already tested and known designs, there are no surprises - they look stunning. But with a custom made sex doll, there is a risk that some of the customer-picked options might look somewhat weird or unnatural. If you try to put a full-sized doll's head on a small body, it will give the effect of a bobblehead (not exactly a turn on).

We recommend being a little conservative when making your doll from scratch if you want her to be realistic. Now, if you don’t want or care too much for realism and just want some crazy looking sex fiend with mismatching eyes, gigantic boobies, tiny feet, and a mustache – by all means go crazy. After all, we have made all sorts of synthetic girls from aliens, elves to vampires.

For a unique, custom-tailored sex doll – check out the large selection of heads and customizable options at an affordable price at Dollpodium – Click for Custom Made Doll.



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