Sex Doll Unboxing Tutorial

Sex Doll Unboxing Tutorial

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This is one of our ‘How to Use your Sex Doll tutorials’. A realistic human-sized sex doll is a large investment and it is important to protect that investment by unboxing and handling your doll correctly. Keep the box your doll came in a horizontal position. And open the box from the front, not the back or the sides. The head of your love doll will be packaged separately. It needs to be packed separately to protect it from damage and reduce the size of your package for easier handling. Remove the head of the doll, the wig and anything extra that came with your package, placing it somewhere safe. Remove the packaging and protective foam inside the box. Do not remove the protective packaging on your doll's hands and feet!

If your silicone TPE girl is a full-sized sex doll (over 145cm) model and it is your first love doll, handling it might prove difficult. We recommend using the pair of white gloves that came with your package (extra gifts = almost always included) when first handling your silicone girl. One trick to lift the body from a horizontal position is to position the doll in a hook lying position. Then you can lift the doll with one hand under her back and one under her knees.

heavy realistic silicon doll


If your doll is too heavy for you to get her out of the box, try gently rolling her out onto a soft surface. Once your doll is out of the box, slowly remove all of the packagings. Take extra care when handling the hands and feet as these are the most sensitive and fragile parts of your sexy sex doll. If your doll is a budget cheap affordable sex doll take extra care when first moving the parts of her body. How much is a budget sex doll? Or what is considered a cheap love doll? Anything under 1000$ including shipping and tax is considered a low price budget sex doll. Most of our girls are either budget or mid-ranged love dolls. The most notable differences between a low range and a high range silicone TPE girl are the face, chest and belly button. If you bought an affordable doll or received it in less than 10 days, extra care is advised. Slowly move her toes apart, check between each toe so the material is not sticking together. Do the same with her arms and inner thighs.

On a rare occasion, a TPE doll might have cracked skin or white powder on it. If it has white powder, do not worry, this is an essential and important part of taking care of your TPE sex doll’s skin. We do this to our dolls to protect their skin and recommend you do the same after receiving it. If she has cracked skin, you can fix it by applying a generous amount of baby oil via non-alcoholic wet wipes or a towel (you no longer intend to use). Cracked skin is an issue we have not had with our dolls for over a year now but if it does happen, 99% of the time it can easily be remedied by a slow and gentle cleaning with baby oil.

Now it is time to attach the head of your new silicone TPE woman. Apply a little bit of baby powder to her neck area and take the screw and small round attachment that came with the head. Slowly and gently screw the head on your doll. Do it gently and carefully so it does not damage the material as the head and body come together at the neck area. Once you feel the head can’t go any tighter, stop. Do not screw the head in super tight. She should be able to easily turn her head from side to side without pressure to her neck area. If you are satisfied with your doll and do not wish to return her, we recommend a full-body cleaning. We always clean our dolls before shipping but even so, she has been through a long journey. Like humans, love dolls like to stay clean as well. As to the box, if you have space, we recommend keeping it in case you might need to store or hide your doll for whatever reason.

Most importantly, please enjoy your adult sexual doll and have fun.

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