Sex Dolls are Expensive – Why?

Sex Dolls are Expensive – Why?

Let’s talk about sex doll prices. Why aren’t sex dolls more affordable or cheap? We will discuss all the reasons why most full-sized sex dolls usually start around 1000 USD. And we will go in-depth of what can you get with a budget or a premium version.

Now you can get a smaller height love doll below 1000$ and be perfectly content, but little sex dolls are less detailed and do not last many years as a human-sized model. So a doll under 150cm height will not last for more than a year unless the doll owner is very experienced and informed about maintenance, care, using a standing foot and removable vagina model, and possibly protective gear for the hands and legs.

But what is considered a budget sexual doll and what is a premium one? In most cases, a doll over 3000$ is considered a premium sex doll, and anything under that can fall in mid-range or budget. The only dolls at that fall into the premium-priced love doll category are full silicone models and it will also include the shipping price. They are usually priced at 3128$ with extras like standing feet or pubic hair included for free.

Not only are these dolls made from 100% medical-grade silicone, but they have the latest yoga skeleton technology, quick-connector head, one of the most realistic bodies on a sex doll you’ll ever see, and premium packaging as well to make sure your doll arrives at your home in perfect condition, even if the delivery man does not handle the box properly. To top it all off, they come with the ability to upgrade your full silicone doll to a sex robot with various moaning or heating extras, turning your doll into the perfect love machine.

You can find some of these full silicones or affordable hybrid dolls (silicone head + TPE body) in our Silicone Sex Doll Collection.

Now, you’re probably thinking that’s all fine and dandy, but spending 3128$ on a sex doll you might not like or get bored of is not something you’re willing to do. And why is it so expensive anyway?

Let’s break down a budget doll’s price in detail. For example our lovely full-sized 158cm doll ZADIE.

While she costs 799$ with shipping it will be just over 1000$ (1028 to be more exact). So you might be thinking, so she costs 799, which is still pretty expensive, even a month’s salary in less fortunate places in the world. But you see, that 799 or 1028 does not only include the price of the doll. Let’s do a detailed examination of what it does include.

For 1028 USD Zadie you will get a 158cm sex doll with shipping included and customs tax as well to Europe and USA. This also includes the heavy-duty box, packaging material, and extras for the doll, like wigs, cleaning material, lingerie, heating rod, etc. Just these items, if bought separately would come to around 100$.

She weighs at 31kg / 68lbs and a height of 158cm / 5 Feet 8”. This does not include the box and packaging weight. This is a very big and heavy box, making it quite expensive to ship internationally and the customs tax is also high. Some shipping companies like FedEx are even phasing out the shipment of real dolls (simply banning them for no reason), making it even more expensive to these locations.  Many times sellers buy insurance for the package, and you can imagine it is not something cheap for such a product. After the shipping and customs tax the sex doll company will have to pay the workers, the building it operates the factory in, equipment, maintenance, safety measurements, and income tax (which can be quite high depending on their location).

If this was all that sex dolls sellers would have to deal with, the prices could still be much cheaper, almost 20% more affordable than they currently are. The expenses that drive up lifelike love doll prices are bank fees, transaction fees, refund fees, website fees, and marketing. Marketing sex toys on social media is quite difficult or not even allowed in most cases. So getting your store seen will cost 10x more than getting any other regular industry products seen. If I would sell leather sandals, I could market it anywhere I’d like. Possibly even for free if the sandals look really good or have a unique function. With adult products that is not the case. Sex is still considered shameful in most of the world, even though everyone does it and the human population of the planet is quickly getting out of control.

We also forgot to mention that countries are implementing certain sales taxes for both the customer and the merchant. These taxes can be as high as 15% of the total value of the product. And certain locations even ban the sale of sex dolls altogether. In half of the world, the sale or purchase of real dolls is not even allowed and a punishable offense. There are so many horrible things in this world that would need our attention and yet some people focus on banning dolls.

If you add all of these up, you will see that the doll, which could be considered a work of art, judging its complexity, realism, and truly lifelike human features does not even come to 50% of the price. And most of the doll is handmade. Like the face, the nipples, hands, feet, and many other parts of the body are not done by machines but by the hands of a skilled, patient, and attentive worker. One small mistake and the doll will need serious correction or has to be re-made.

Unlike with products like razor blades, Sex Dolls are rarely seen, known, or changed. Most people don’t even know they exist due to the adult nature of it, and those who do purchase one, might not switch to a different silicone girl for months or years.

Let’s not forget most sellers on Aliexpress who are sending out different dolls than in the photos or scamming people, turning away potential doll buyers. These sellers rarely sell the doll that you see in the photos and because they know how to game the system, they never get removed or banned. If they get bad reviews, they just pay to get those reviews removed or just buy a different account with thousands of positive reviews already.

All of these small factors contribute to driving up the price. So when you see a sex doll price and you think that is way too high, please consider that it is not because of the manufacturer or seller that it is so pricey, it is because of factors out of their control. More money goes into the pockets of the shipping companies, banks, etc. than to the people actually doing the work.

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