How Sex Dolls are stealing Good Men

How Sex Dolls are stealing Good Men

There's a new trend that's taking over the dating world and it's not a good one for everyone. It seems that more and more men are ditching real women in favor of silicone dolls.

These lifelike sex dolls are eerily realistic, making them the perfect companion for those who are looking for something a little less demanding than a real relationship. Even men who don't have a sexual silicone doll have been reported of googling "how to use sex doll porno" on a massive scale. These love dolls with realistic human features don't need to be taken out on dates or wined and dined, they're always available and they never say no.

For some men, a real life sex doll is the perfect solution to their dating woes. They can have all the companionship they want without any of the hassle. But what does this say about our society? Are we really so desperate for companionship that we're willing to settle for fake or such alternative relationships? And can sex dolls become a strange addiction?


Red Pill or Something Else? 

 In recent years, there has been a growing trend of men who are choosing to stop dating altogether. This phenomenon is known as "mgtow" (men going their own way) or the "red pill" movement (a reference to the film "The Matrix").

There are a variety of reasons why men are choosing to opt out of relationships with women. Watching intelligent sex doll porno is not one of them. For some, it is a way to avoid the hassle and heartache that comes with dating. Others believe that the deck is stacked against them when it comes to relationships, and that it's simply not worth their time and effort. While it is true that sex dolls for men have significantly improved in both quality and lower prices, it is not the leading cause for this movement.

Whatever the reason may be, it's clear that more and more men are deciding that they're better off without women in their lives. And as the trend continues to grow, it's likely that even more men will choose to follow suit. A top quality sex doll which can come around 2000 or 3000$ seems like an easier choice for thousands and soon millions of single men. Some men are even choosing to marry their adult doll or engaging with shemale sex dolls, something that before may have been taboo, now is something accepted. 


 Women over 40 started to notice

It’s hard out there for a single woman over 40. The dating pool is smaller, and the rules have changed. It can be difficult to find someone you want to date, let alone someone you want to date long-term. A lot of modern women are realizing they are slowly being ditched by a young, firm teen sex doll. While it is natural for someone's looks to slowly decline as they age, shagging a sex doll has none of the disadvantaged of the human world. They are forever young and in terms of intimacy, up for basically anything that one could imagine.

If you’re a woman over 40 who is having difficulty dating, here are some things you can do to make it easier. First, take a look at your own dating habits. Are you being too picky? Are you putting yourself in situations where you’re likely to meet someone? Second, try online dating. There are many dating sites and apps specifically for women over 40. You can also check out meetup groups or events in your area that might be of interest to you.

Finally, don’t give up hope!

Real dolls a strange addiction

It's not uncommon for people to form attachments to inanimate objects. For some, the attachment is strong enough that it becomes an obsession. Lot of men even make sex doll video porno to share their infatuation with these magnificent pieces of art. Love dolls are life-size, realistic dolls that are designed to look and feel like real women. But to some it can be much more than that. They are made of silicone or latex and can be customized to the buyer's liking. It is almost like a wish come true, all your desires come to life in an almost perfect package that you can touch and love.

Some men who own love dolls say they provide companionship and make them feel less alone. Others use them for sexual gratification. Whatever the reason, these men have formed deep emotional attachments to their silicon girlfriends. Men who have disabilities or mental illnesses reported to have been given a second chance in life when they get a small sex doll to care for. A tiny, easy to care for girlfriend that won't judge them is something that is a game changer.

For some, the love doll addiction has led to financial ruin. They spend their entire paycheck on buying new clothes and accessories for their doll or on upgrading their doll to make her look more realistic in an obsessive manner. Some men even go as far as building a special room in their house for their doll, complete with a bed and wardrobe. For those who can afford it, that is their prerogative, but for those who can't it can be a slippery slope. Just because you want to watch a lesbian sex doll orgy, doesn't mean you should spend all your life savings to buy 20 real dolls straight off the bat. 



There are many dating hardships that come with being a part of the mgtow community. One of the biggest hurdles is finding someone who is willing to date a mgtow. This can be difficult because many people in the mgtow community are not interested in dating or relationships. Another difficulty is finding someone who is compatible with your beliefs and lifestyle. This can be tricky because there are not many people in the world who share the same views as the mgtow community. The last hurdle is dealing with rejection from potential partners. This can be hard to deal with because it can feel like you are constantly being rejected by everyone you try to date.

Japanese sex dolls are coming in to provide an alternative for men. Why go through so much trouble when you can have your fantasy, a huge boobs sex doll with just one click of a button? 

While some men may have turned to MGTOW because they were hurt and abused by women in their life, it doesn't change the final outcome. Men, good or bad, are moving away from traditional relationships and into the hands of companion dolls and real sex robots. These dolls are always open for action and sex doll pussy is always virgin. Something that our modern society doesn't even comprehend that men would want. Even though it is proven that those who enter a relationship while virgins or little sexual experience, tend to stick together and the chances of divorce are far less than with couples who've been around the block one too many times. 


Real dolls are picking up the slack

Dating is hard. You have to put yourself out there, put up with awkward first dates, and deal with the occasional heartbreak. And now, thanks to the ever-evolving technology of love dolls, it's only getting harder. Men are opening up to silicone or robotic women much more than they have even considered in real life relationships. Men choosing transgender dolls or being in an interracial relationship with a black or Indian real doll is showing how diverse male sexuality and relationships can be. Something that they might not even consider with a real life partner is being shown to be the total opposite when it comes to sex dolls. 

Love dolls are becoming increasingly realistic, and as a result, they're changing the way we date. For many people, these life-like dolls are becoming a preferred alternative to actual humans. They're less demanding, they don't get bored or annoyed with you, and they're always ready and willing to please.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to dating a love doll. For one thing, they're expensive up front. A high-end doll can cost thousands of dollars. Plus, they're not exactly socially acceptable yet. So if you live in a developing country or highly religious area of the world like in the middle east, you might have to wait a little more if you want a silicone doll as a wife.

But one thing is certain, similar to China and Japan, some of the best quality men, those who are focused on their careers (instead of playing video games or watching porn all day), men who are making a difference in the world, have chosen to abandon traditional relationships with human women in favor of realistic love dolls. Will this trend slowly fade or will the rise of AI sex robots drive a wedge between the sexes even more? Because the main reason women don't choose dolls as their sexual partner or companion are all things that will be solved by the power of robots. It could also be possible that humanity will outsource sex and intimacy to robots and Virtual Reality machine while forming non-sexual bonds in a traditional male-female setting. As we all know - relationships based on respect tend to last much longer than those built up on lust and the desires of the flesh. 

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