TPE VS Silicone Sex Dolls - Which one to pick?

TPE VS Silicone Sex Dolls - Which one to pick?

We have now released our newest addition of full 100% silicone dolls with high-tech robotic functions. Now you can choose, TPE dolls, Hybrid or Full Silicone Girls. To make your choice easier, we offer you this blog to see the key differences between the materials.










TPE VS Silicone Sex Dolls - Which one to pick?


With the incredibly fast advancement of sex toy technology and materials, realistic sex dolls have not only dramatically improved but are becoming a global phenomenon. Because of the interest in real dolls, the materials are starting to mimic real human-like skin and flesh to provide a truly lifelike experience. It is clear that we are becoming the engineers of human companionship and sexual desire.

Let’s start our journey by reviewing the materials that realistic sex dolls are made from, which is 99% of the time either TPE or Silicone. For those looking for a quick answer, TPE Sex Dolls are better in terms of price-quality ratio, and Silicone is better at realistic human-like features.

A few decades back, the only popular material for healthy to use sex toys and dolls was silicone. But because of the nature and price point of silicone, these products were incredibly expensive and would require a sizable investment. Fast forward to our current time and not only has silicone become more affordable, but a new material called TPE also emerged that revolutionized the sex toy industry by allowing access to adult products to anyone, regardless of their financial situation.

Both of these materials have their pros and cons and are suitable for different people depending on their needs and desires. To make your decision easier, consider a list and ask yourself a few questions, like:


  1. What purpose will you have for your doll? Companionship, sex, work, art, etc.
  2. How much would you like to spend on a real sex doll?
  3. Are you a first-time buyer or a veteran? TPE is recommended for first-time users.
  4. How often are you going to use the doll? Which height or body type will suit your needs?
  5. How much time can you spend on maintenance? Silicone requires less.
  6. Would you want to dress her up in any clothes or keep her naked? Silicone is easier to dress.
  7. How would it fit your body, desires, or personal preference?
  8. Are you more aggressive in the bedroom? TPE is recommended.
  9. Do you like to take action and learn as you go? TPE is recommended.
  10. Are you a perfectionist that only settles for the best? Silicone with Robotic functions are recommended


Sex Dolls can be made of TPE or Silicone and now a mixture of both. At, we offer 3 types of sex dolls:

-       Full TPE love dolls = beginner-friendly

-       Hybrid Silicone head and TPE body love dolls = beginner-friendly

-       Full 100% Silicone love dolls = premium, intermediate, or for advanced

To help you make the best decision, here we are going to explain the differences between TPE vs Silicone:



TPE is a kind of plastic that can be stretched up to 5.5 times length and it is very soft. It is a fairly popular material used in everyday items because it can be used to make items that possess rubber-like features but still utilize the efficiency of current injection molding techniques making it more economical.

TPE is short for Thermo Plastic Elastomer. This is a special new material: a combination of polymers (synthetic rubbers and plastic) with elastic and heat-resistant properties. They are the most common material in healthy, body-safe sex toys due to their availability and affordable price. 

The TPE properties make this material the best option to make realistic sex dolls at an affordable price point, without sacrificing quality and health safety.


TPE Turn-ons


-Dolls are cheaper (from $800 to $2.000)

- Beginner-friendly and hard to damage

- Soft and elastic texture, providing a very life-like touch. . It can stretch greater than 300% of its original size before breaking.

- Breasts and buttocks will wobble when you rock your doll back and forth. She wiggles to the rhythm of your thrusts making it more intimate and interactive. Very flexible which allows you to enjoy multiple sex positions

- Material is more elastic which makes the dolls more flexible and can therefore handle more sex position

- It retains heat better than silicone

- Compatible with both water-based and silicone-based lubricants

- It does not cause allergic reactions, even in people with very sensitive skin.

- It lets the doll to assume more positions.

- Great quality/price ratio.

- More options for dolls and more customizations

- Easily available in most countries were sex toys are legal


TPE Turn-offs


- It is more sensitive to stains from clothes.

- After cleaning or showering it retains humidity, so after cleaning it you must make sure that it is perfectly dry to avoid mold in the long term

- It is more sensitive to heat. TPE can start losing its consistency or melting when reaching more than 104º Fahrenheit (40ºC). This makes it unsuitable for hotter climates or outdoor activities under the sun.

- TPE is very susceptible to sticking to certain materials like leather or latex. It can also become sticky if not powdered

- Cleaning is time-consuming for full-sized dolls above 158cm.

- The vagina and ass must be cleaned after each use for good hygiene (no exceptions)

- It has a smell (not a bad smell but more pronounced than silicone)

- Lower end models feel more like a sex toy, rather than a girlfriend


 In the end, TPE will feel like you are going on a dating spree and every night has a happy ending. The girls might only be a 9 instead of a 10 but they will be busty, fit, with giant bouncy asses and any other crazy fantasy or preference you might have. And you can even build your very own harem or TPE sex dolls without breaking the bank. They are affordable and a lot of fun.







Silicone is the closest thing we have to artificial human-like skin without any bad side-effects. Silicone is naturally durable and can survive the harshest of environments. They are used for medical equipment, underwear, food, or other products that require 100% body-safe materials. Due to its high cost and difficulty in manipulation, they are very rare in sex toys or sex dolls. But high- end products or robots are almost always made with silicone.





- Crazy realistic. She’ll look better than Scarlett Johansson. Yes, she will.

- Super healthy and body-safe

- No powdering needed

- Super smooth and good to the touch, doesn’t stick.

- Feels better for sex and has almost no smell

- You can put any type of clothes on her and it will not get stained.

- It is easier to clean and maintain. Less fuss more cum

- It doesn't retain humidity. It can be sterilized using hot water or anti-bacterial solutions.

- It is less sensitive to heat making it perfect for hot climates or taking her out in the sun

- Better heating and Robotic functions

- Can take long showers, baths, or time in the Jacuzzi

- Last you a lifetime if taken care of

- Offers companionship similar to human beings





- Expensive without budget versions

- No oral hole for blowjobs due to the material being harder

- Less flexible

- Fewer models and customizations. No smaller sized or lower height dolls

- Takes longer to make (5-10 days more)

- Due to realism, scary to some people

- Can’t be used with silicone lubricant or toys

- Not for those suffering from silicone allergies



Full Silicone Dolls:


In the end, Silicone will feel like you just hooked yourself the hottest woman on the planet and she will always stay that way, loving and supporting you. You won’t have to look for another girl and even if you did, she will gladly accept it.  She will be the perfect wife and every night can be like Christmas Eve with Anal.




You might have already made up your mind by this point. But in the end, we can’t say that one material is better than another. Each doll will be happy to help you achieve happiness. And if you really can’t decide, choose the hybrid doll with a Silicone head for maximum realism and kissing and a TPE body for affordable and flexible ‘fun-time’. Also, keep in mind that heads are interchangeable. So if you get a quality hybrid doll with a silicone head, even if you get bored of the body, the head you can always switch to a new one.


Hybrid Dolls:

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