USA customers Beware: Porch Pirates

USA customers Beware: Porch Pirates

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There has been an increased number of porch pirates in the USA. (porch pirate = A criminal that steals a package from a porch.) Due to this, we ask all USA customers to be very careful. We recommend you be prepared for when the package arrives. While we don't require our customer's phone number during checkout, we highly recommend you do provide at least 1 number so that the shipping company (DHL, FEDEX, UPS) can contact you directly and that you receive your package in hand.  We will never contact you or send you ads on the provided phone number. It is only for the shipping company and the safety of your package. Also, if you don't provide a phone number, there might be a significant delay in shipping time. Again, we will never contact or share your phone number with anyone else. 

Due to the weight of the package, it is highly unlikely that a porch pirate might risk stealing your box, but you can never know. We recommend our customers to be careful, especially during the Holidays. 

This warning only applies to customers based in the USA. Thank you!

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