Linda – 163 Muscle Milf real Doll

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"Linda is all about working out her body. She loves to train, do squats, lift weights but most importantly she loves to sweat. To push herself hard with each satisfying rep until she is exhausted and dripping. Linda is addicted to how her body feels when she’s hot and sweaty. She lives for that special ache in her muscles. And as she trains, Linda watches herself in the mirror, how each drop of warm sweat trickles down her toned sexy body. Sweating is hot, sweating is sensual.

Preparing for a triathlon, she also knows that the best way to workout is with a special partner. Someone who can push her even harder. Linda is all about new challenges. To work out every single muscle group she must find the right guy. Linda is looking for a man who will train her sexy body even more. She wants to prove herself that she can be the best, with the tightest and strongest body. For this, she must sweat hard."


A quality silicone-like TPE doll for sex, these gorgeous synthetic girls have soft lifelike skin and equipped with a metal skeleton that allows full human-like movement. She is a virgin and a 100% faithful girlfriend. These life-sized sexual dolls have vaginal, anal and oral sex possibilities for men. The level of realism that they possess might shock even the biggest of skeptics. With gorgeous eyes and silky hair, this girl is not only extremely flexible but craves love in every way possible. She will be there with you and for you every day.


Doll Height: 163cm / 5 Feet 4”

Vaginal depth: 18cm / 7 inches

Anal depth: 18cm / 7 inches

Oral depth: 13cm / 5 inches

Weight: 40kg / 88 lbs

Breast: 74cm/ Waist: 57cm

Hip: 93cm/ Foot Length: 21cm

Material: Platinum Silicone like TPE with Metal Skeleton

Customer Reviews

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Jewel Zulauf

Linda – 163 Muscle Mil* real Doll

Norene Monahan

Her skin is like a real person. She is a bit heavy so she stays on my bed in a sitting position. At night I lay her down and sleep with her. I have a couple of medical problems which I do not want to burden a real woman with. This doll is an ideal companion for me