Factory Photos

Here you can see 100% real, unedited photos of our dolls before shipment. These images were taken by phone by the factory workers right before they were about to be packed up. You can compare these images to the ones of the doll to get an idea of what you will receive. Also, keep in mind that these are low resolution photos taken by phone in bad lighting and in a rush. So your doll will look infinitely better in real person. These are mainly for our first-time customers who have never purchased a doll before or those who go for the build your own, custom made girls. We can also provide videos before shipment but only for orders above 1.000$ or wholesale. Thank you!



March 31st 2020 – Anime Soma

Our customer from the USA wanted Anime Soma but he told us he would only buy if we sent him pictures of his Doll once she is ready. Which is totally fine and we can offer this to all of our clients that ask. A sex doll is a big investment and we know they are a lot of scams out there. So we made Anime Soma and sent him what he asked for. These were the photos before shipment.

He chose the following extra options:

- Standing Feet

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Our Busty Angelina doll has been one of our best sellers for a while now. She is truly a gorgeous curvy woman. The customer was a little worried about the weight after reading through our blogs about sex dolls and tips. But his love for full-sized big woman won in the end.

He chose the following extra options:

- Standing Feet

Once he got her, our customer was surprised that by using our tips and tricks in our blogs, moving Angelina wasn’t as hard as he imagined. Though, he did mention that getting her clothed was a challenge. Luckily, we will be having some lingerie and clothing available in our shop soon, which will make it easier to keep your sexy silicone girl hot and stylish.  

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March 27th 2020 – Adriana  ‘Love Addict’

This doll was purchased from the USA. Liking the Adriana head, our customer asked if we can have a smaller height body for her. He didn’t want the 165cm body as he was a previous doll owner and found them a little too hard to handle. So we sent him a list of the bodies available for the Adriana head and he choose a 153cm body with similar measurements to the original Adriana. We also gave him a discount as the smaller body was less expensive than the original 165cm one. This is how the doll looked.

Once receiving it, he told us he was now very much enjoying the coronavirus lockdown now that he has his new sexy sex doll.

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March 20th 2020 – Jennifer ‘Creamy Thick’

This doll was purchased from the USA. Our client wanted a BBW doll shipped as fast as possible. At first, he was a little concerned about the price and why our dolls were so affordable. But we quickly reassured him as this is our unique doll and almost no other seller has this lovely thick girl.

He chose the following extra options:

- Standing Feet

After receiving it he contacted us, surprised by the good quality and the fast shipment even though it was Coronavirus shutdown. He said he will be recommending us in the future.

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March 18th 2020 – Anime Koneko ‘Fun Sized’

Our Anime and small doll selection is one of our most popular and most requested. The customer of the 70cm doll wanted it shipped to USA.  He was a returning customer who had already bought a doll from us on the 1st of March (same month), namely the Pixie Hanna doll. The advantage of these small dolls are the fact they are super lightweight and easy to play with compared to full-sized models which can be difficult at times, especially for first time owners.

Also, we try to make sure we only sell ‘legal’ small dolls (refusing other requests) so our customers do not have any trouble with customs officers or law enforcement.

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March 11th 2020 – RihannX  ‘Celebrity Doll’

Our customer from the USA wanted the RihannX doll but with some unique specifications. First, he wanted a doll with smaller hips. We gave him a list of bodies that could fit this head and he chose one smaller. He didn’t want smaller breasts though just a skinnier looking body in terms of the hips.

The second thing he asked for was black skin. The thing about changing skin tone to black skin on budget or even mid-range sex dolls is that it’s almost impossible to pull off. Even sex dolls that were specifically designed to have black skin are the hardest to make. We attempted to change the skin but it did not work, so we asked him if he was ok with the skin tone in the photos. He still wanted the doll, so we refunded him the amount he paid for the black skin and made it with the skin tone from the doll description.

He was a little worried about the coronavirus but we reassured him that by the time he receives it, even if it was infected, the virus would have died out. At first, he was bothered by the smell of the doll when opening the package, but it had to be disinfected and sprayed to make sure that it is 100% sterile. Once he aired the doll, he was happy and asked us if he can kiss it.


He chose the following extra options:

- Standing Feet

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March 1st  2020 – Marilyn  ‘Actress’

The doll in photo has different wig but we include 2-3 wigs sometimes for returning customers.

This was our returning customer from Italy who had purchased the Amelia ‘Wash Woman’ doll previously. Now, he didn’t initially want the Marilyn doll. At first, he got Suvi the ‘Classic Chick”. But he didn’t realize that the price he selected was for the silicone head of the doll only. As we sell the Suvi doll with TPE or Silicone head and implanted hair or head only, the prices differ for each. So he changed his order to the Lola doll. But since he requested payment via credit card and not PayPal, he was required to comply with European 3d secure online banking laws. Long story short, the payment didn’t come through.

But the next payment did come through and this time his choice was the Marilyn ‘Actress’ doll. Another difficulty arose as by this time Italy was under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Italy stock was all out, so we had to ship from San Fernando de Henares (Madrid, Spain). Luckily, this option worked and he got his doll in less than 10 days after payment (7 days after order was processed). We hope he is well and wish him all the best in these trouble times in Italy! Maybe it’s corny but we like to think our doll provided some sort of comfort during the long periods of isolation.

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