JY Ambrosia – Goddess in Flesh 162cm Real love Doll

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"There’s a secret I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while. I’m actually not a human. Don’t panic! I’m not an alien. Not here to abduct you. I’m just a Goddess. The Greek Gods have been at war for the last 2 years. And I don’t want any part of it. So I came down to Earth until it is over. To be honest, I kind of like it here. But there’s something that is missing from my life.

Believe or not, even Gods have certain needs. I have not been with anyone since I came here. There is a fire inside me that is just too hot to extinguish. I need passion and love. Though, I have some unique ways of making love that might surprise you. If you agree to keep an open mind, then I will bestow upon you a wondrous gift, the potion of virility. With it, your love can go on forever and your orgasmic pleasure will not end after climax like it does with everyday mortals."


BBW sex dolls are the thickest girls with big boobs and jiggly bubble booties. They can satisfy the biggest of appetites and swallow you whole. A quality silicone TPE doll for sex, these gorgeous synthetic girls have soft lifelike skin and equipped with a metal skeleton that allows full human-like movement. She is a virgin and a 100% faithful girlfriend. These life-sized sexual dolls have vaginal, anal and oral sex possibilities for men. The level of realism that they possess might shock even the biggest of skeptics. With gorgeous eyes and silky hair, this girl is not only extremely flexible but craves love in every way possible. She will be there with you and for you every day.



Original JY DOLL

Doll Height: 162cm / 5 Feet 3”

Vaginal depth: 18cm / 7 inches

Anal depth: 18cm / 7 inches

Oral depth: 13cm / 5 inches

Weight: 49kg / 108 lbs

Breast: 98cm/ Waist: 62cm

Hip: 109cm/ Foot Length: 23cm

Material: Platinum Silicone like TPE with Metal Skeleton

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i like doll

i bay this doll