Pixie Ariana – Prom Date 125cm / 4 Feet 1” Miniature Small Doll

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 "Come on! You asked me out on the prom, why are you hesitating now? You think this is not appropriate clothing for the prom? People can see my tits hanging out? I think I understand now. You thought we were going to the ‘regular’ prom, the one at school. No, no, no! I don’t go to regular prom. I'm not that kind of pixie. Do you think I want to see my boring classmates and my teachers being socially awkward while the ‘cool’ kids are sneaking off trying to get drunk?

No, baby! We’re going to ‘burning’ prom. It’s basically an orgy with the goth students, lesbians and gamers from school. They say it’s very intense. This is my first time but I’ve seen pictures and videos. Actually, I was watching them before you arrived. They got me a little turned on. Do you mind if we get a little naughty before we go? I want to be ready to try anything once we’re there. "


Teen love dolls are affordable, easy to move (or clean) due to their lightweight and provide never-ending love for their partners. A quality silicone TPE doll , these gorgeous synthetic girls have soft lifelike skin and equipped with a metal skeleton that allows full human-like movement. She is a virgin and a 100% faithful innocent friend. She will be there with you and for you every day.


Doll Height: 125cm / 4 Feet 1”

Vaginal depth: 16cm / 6 inches

Anal depth: 16cm / 6 inches

Oral depth: 10cm / 4 inches

Weight: 20kg / 44 lbs

Breast: 62cm/ Waist: 42cm/ Hip: 62cm

Material: Platinum Silicone like TPE with Metal Skeleton 

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Ariana– Prom Date

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The product arrived fast. It′s exactly as advertised. Very beautiful. You are a great seller. trustworthy. thank you!

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Very happy with the product. They came very quickly.

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Good seller perfect product