Byeol 165cm - Full Silicone Real Doll

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Premium quality full silicone sex doll. This magnificent beautiful lady has come into this world to provide happiness and sensual erotic pleasures to her mate. Her silky soft skin is made from medical grade silicone and she has a stainless steel yoga sex doll skeleton to allow any movement a human can and more.



  • silicone is more realistic, lifelike (especially the face & genitalia)
  •  has significantly better breasts, fingers and toes
  •  silicone has better looking pubic hair
  •  doesn’t stain or get damaged like TPE
  •  silicone is better for hot environments  or countries with extreme summer heat
  •  has superior intelligent heating and moaning
  • silicone is better to touch but also slightly harder
  •  doesn’t stick like TPE
  •  silicone is better for sex doll wigs and accessories
  •  is easier to dress or put shoes on
  •  silicone lasts longer and is healthier
  • smells and tastes better than TPE
  •  you can take long baths or Jacuzzis with silicone sex dolls
  •  silicone sex dolls feel more like a companion rather than just a sex toy
  •  packaging is premium rather than standard
  • Robotic Functions
  • Fixed vagina with inner ultra-soft love hole;
  • Real human feeling textured skin all over the body;
  • Whole body realistic painting, including veins;
  • Exquisite face makeup;
  • Real feeling soft breasts;
  • Mechanically movable eyes, for an easier pupil rotation;
  • Flexible yoga skeleton, hinged neck, hands and feet;
  • Quick head connector;
  • Shrugging shoulders;
  • Implanted eyebrows;
  • Implanted lower eyelashes




    • Expensive
    • Less customizable, fewer options
    • Slightly Harder to the touch
    • Might become addictive


    Super realistic dolls are modeled after the hottest women or goddesses that man has ever imagined. For those who love their woman gorgeous and promiscuous, look no further than one of these best silicone dolls. She will tease you all day and night. Washing or cleaning your full-sized doll is a sensual experience in itself, and taking baths will be pleasurable, not to mention that shower sex is now available every time you want. The love-making will be far superior to a human woman as you will never have to worry about condoms, birth control, or pulling out. Her vagina can also be tightened by positioning her body in different angles, adjusting her legs. And her other holes are just as willing. Unlimited anal or oral sex is not only possible; it is now a reality to be enjoyed any time you want. Grab her hips and pull that lovely female closer. Time to enjoy life!

    Sexy silicone adult women are fun-loving and great companions as well. Enjoy a movie or an audiobook while snuggling with your cute girlfriend. Her body will quickly heat up with your loving embrace. And believe it or not, her breasts can make for great pillows. This woman sex doll is still a virgin and will stay faithful to you and only you. She’s looking forward to finding her man here on


    Doll Size: 165cm / 5 Feet 4”

    Vaginal depth: 18cm / 7 inches

    Anal depth: 17cm / 6 inches

    Weight: 31kg / 68lbs

    Upper Breast: 75cm/ Lower breasts 59cm

    Waist: 50cm/ Shoulder 33cm

    Arm: 67cm/ Hand 16cm

    Hip: 80cm/ Foot Length: 21cm

    Material: Full Silicone with Metal Skeleton

    Box package size 150×43×26

    Customer Reviews

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    Margaret Rutherford

    "As described. Good quality, price and communication. Good packaging Thanks A+"

    Willy Morar

    Great purchase ! The item just looks like the pictures. Very good quality, very realistic . Thank you :)

    Arthur Herzog

    Very good quality, it corresponds exactly to the picture. I took it with the standing option and no difficulty to make it stand on its feet. Of very good quality, it corresponds exactly to the image. I took it with the standing option and no difficulty to make it stand on his feet.

    Deonte Schmitt

    Product as described. Got it by shipment date! Will do biz again.