HR Apoline 158cm

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The most realistic sex dolls are here. Choose an Asian love doll beauty to be your lover and bride. Their silky-soft bodies are meant for passion. Position a Japanese, Korean, or Chinese sex doll in any position you want as they are specifically made for the act of love-making. Enjoy their sensuous long hair covering her naked smooth breasts. She is soft to the touch and so mesmerizing.

With a fully movable metal skeleton, her entire body can bend like an acrobat. She’s not like a flexible girl but more like a flexible sex goddess. She can do a full split on your manhood and never stop. Real dolls are so lifelike that you will be shocked to see the resemblance to a real human woman. Except that this Asian sex doll is all about you, pleasing you and making sure your every need is met.

This is a sex doll for adult, so she will have squeezable full hips, lovely breasts, and nipples, as well as kissable lips. With 3 holes for sex: vaginal, anal, and oral love-making is all possible. The most realistic full-sized sex dolls are here to please you all night. Buying a sex doll will let you enjoy a fulfilling sex life at any time of the day. Just woke up with a hard morning erection? Your new TPE or Silicone doll is there to hop on that morning wood. Taking showers alone is boring? Not with your sexy sex doll it isn’t. Shower sex or anal is now regular sex. Enjoy it at your leisure.

With a removable head, cleaning her is super easy. Either with body oil and wet wipes or a shower, personal hygiene has never been more exciting. And if you get tired of her head, just switch it out to a new one. Both the head of the sexy sex doll, eyes for different colors, and the wig is changeable. And if lingerie or sexy heels are your things, she can model them for you whenever you are in the mood. Because her, she is always in the mood. 

She is a virgin and 100% healthy. You can make sweet love to her without condoms because there is no need to worry about STD'S or yeast infections. And ejaculating inside her super tight pussy is always possible since she will never ever get pregnant. She is your sexy lover, a friend, a true companion who will always be there for you.

 Height - 5.ft 18 in./ 158 cm
Brand - HRDOLL
Bra Size : B Cup
Bust : 31.9 in./ 81 cm
Waist : 22.8 in./ 58 cm
Hips : 34.3 in./ 87 cm
Underbust : 28 in./ 71 cm
Foot Length : 8.3 in./ 21 cm
Arm Length : 23.22 in./ 59 cm
Shoulder Width : 13.4 in./ 34 cm
Weight : 86 Ibs./ 39kg
Vaginal Depth :6.7 in. / 17 cm
Oral Depth : 6.7 in. / 17 cm
Anal Depth : 5.1 in./ 13 cm
Package size: 148*42*30cm

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