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"So it seems that the internet has matched us together. I suppose I should welcome you into my room. Have a seat if you want. To be honest I couldn’t decide on what to wear so I just stuck with my favorite blue underwear. Also, I’m not really good at making small talk. Did you just look at my breasts? That is just…well kind of expected. I do have pretty tits I suppose. Sometimes I touch them at work when nobodies looking. It makes me feel tingly and nice. So what do you do for fun? You like motorboating? I love boats. It’s so much fun! Having all that water gushing as you go deep and fast. Maybe you’d like to try motorboating with me.

You seem kind of cool. Do you mind if I take my underwear off? It’s pretty hot in my room and I like my breasts to be free. Don’t worry, I locked the door, nobody is going to come in. It’s just you and me. I’m not the best at expressing myself with words so I’m just going to come a little closer and try some things out with you. Hope you don’t mind a big girl being so close to you. Now, I want you to relax, because for the next part I’ll need your help. And please don’t ask too many questions because my mouth is going to be full at the moment."


BBW sex dolls are the thickest girls with big boobs and jiggly bubble booties. They can satisfy the biggest of appetites and swallow you whole. A quality silicone TPE doll for sex, these gorgeous synthetic girls have soft lifelike skin and equipped with a metal skeleton that allows full human-like movement. She is a virgin and a 100% faithful girlfriend. These life-sized sexual dolls have vaginal, anal and oral sex possibilities for men. The level of realism that they possess might shock even the biggest of skeptics. With gorgeous eyes and silky hair, this girl is not only extremely flexible but craves love in every way possible. She will be there with you and for you every day.

Doll Height: 164cm / 5 Feet 3’

Vaginal depth: 18cm / 7 inches

Anal depth: 15cm / 5.9 inches

Oral depth: 13cm / 5 inches

Weight: 43kg / 94 lbs

Breast: 103cm/ Waist: 58cm

Hip: 108cm/ Foot Length: 21cm

Material: Platinum Silicone TPE with Metal Skeleton


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lou Durgan

A very beautiful doll. Exactly like the pictures and very soft. seller is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Lea Upton

The doll is perfect! It is the Same as in the picture. Very good quality in detail. Also very good was the delivery time from order to arrival only 4 days. It was not our last business!

Kyler Gleason

Wow,what a beauty! And the tits,you would like to bite again and agai and again. Inside the're in heaven. The woman of your dream,already ready for your fantasies. Thank you!

Ruben Fahey

The seller is legit. The doll has arived 100% as on photos. It took 11 days to deliver. No problem with custom clearance. The seller is very comunicative, ansvered all my question (a lot of them) and sent me all nessesary information and aditional photos. thanks

Braeden Harris

I bought the doll,She´s definitely a full figured doll. She looks dead sexy in whatever outfit I put her in