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"Don’t be silly! I’m not the room service lady. It’s 2090, there is no room service, and everything is automated. My name is Raven. I’m here to fulfill your wishes. You know, the Three Wish Program implemented in 2050 to make sure people lived a fulfilling and happy life. You are the one to receive 3 wishes now. No need to tell me what it is. I can feel your desires. The wish to experience what it’s like to be with the perfect sexual woman is now your reality. And since you have a thing for sexy hot trans girls, here I am.

You can take your time. I’m here for as long as you want me to. And please don’t be shy. It is my pleasure to fulfill whatever fantasy or desire you might have. I can do unique things as well. Things that ordinary girls cannot... My body is special in that way. But I’ll let you see for yourself. Though, before we can begin I will need your signature. No, not with your hand! Let me open my legs so you can see the dotted line. You’ll need to sign here! So please take down your pants and sign. That way you can enjoy your last wish for as long, and as many times as you want."


Transgender and Shemale sex dolls have that little (or huge) extra to please even more. Made out of High-Quality TPE (a softer type of silicone) and with steel skeleton which provides a fully articulating human-like body. Our realistic sex dolls are created to provide a new form of intimacy and sensual erotic pleasure. This lifelike passion love doll has unlimited vaginal, anal and oral sex possibilities. The experience of having silicone doll sex is like with a real girl, often times better. Best of all, she is still a virgin. A truly sexy companion with kissable lips and a hot super model body.                                                                     


Doll Height: 163cm / 5 Feet 4”

Vaginal depth: 18cm / 7 inches

Anal depth: 18cm / 7 inches

Oral depth: 13cm / 5 inches

Weight: 38kg / 84 lbs

Breast: 85cm/ Waist: 62cm

Hip: 96cm/ Foot Length: 21cm

Material: Platinum Silicone TPE with Metal Skeleton

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Lisette Hirthe

Excellent seller. Thanks