Pixie Hannah – Fun-size 65cm Tiny Real Doll

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Pixie Hannah is a fun-sized small doll with a cute body and gorgeous eyes. She has more of a curvalicious barbie look to her. This adorable silicone girl can be dressed up and is perfect to play with. She has a solid TPE body. This wonderful pixie lady has carefully preserved her pureness. She may be naïve and innocent, but she loves to have fun and play. She’s looking forward to finding her forever sweetheart here on Doll Podium.

Free Accessories included.

Teen love dolls are affordable, easy to move (or clean) due to their lightweight and provide never-ending love for their partners. A quality silicone TPE doll , these gorgeous synthetic girls have soft lifelike skin and equipped with a metal skeleton that allows full human-like movement. She is a virgin and a 100% faithful innocent friend. She will be there with you and for you every day.


Doll Height: 65cm / 2 Feet 1’

Vaginal depth: 14cm / 5 inches


Weight: 3kg /6 lbs

Breast: 34cm/ Waist: 22cm

Hip: 34cm/ Foot Length: 8cm

Material: Platinum Silicone like TPE with Metal Skeleton

Customer Reviews

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Daija Thiel

The doll has a big wig in the kit and instead of linen came white big gloves, the vagina is small but cozy, average I'm happy, thanks to the seller

Mathilde Orn


Alexzander Shields

exactly like the picture. 65cm is small but that is what I wanted. very good sleep aid. doll is very well made as well and tpe material is soft and life like.

Marianne Haag

Very good

Lysanne Grady

Very good just like picture. But note that 65cm is actually 65cm haha its tiny but it is good!