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Hope you like your woman thick, baby, cuse I be rocking these curves like you’ve never seen before. Now get these clothes off of me and I’ll show you what a real woman looks like. You’ve got it now, baby! You hit the jackpot. Just bury your face in these titties and I’ll make sure this is a night you’ll never forget. Better make a choice fast, because I’m a whole lot of woman, and if you can’t handle it – walk away now.

It’s good to get out of those tight clothes. I’ve been building up a good sweat. These hips don’t lie. Get that big cock here and I’ll make it glide and slide. Once I have it ready, I’m going to make it disappear into this giant ass. We’re going to break the bed tonight, baby! I’m going to make you cum so hard, you’re going to forget your own name. That is a fact! When I come out to play, I play hard. It’s time you leave those skinny bitches be and experience what it’s like to play with a real Goddess!


Doll Height: 162cm / 5 Feet 3”

Vaginal depth: 18cm / 7 inches

Anal depth: 18cm / 7 inches

Oral depth: 13cm / 5 inches

Weight: 58kg / 127 lbs

Breast: 98cm/ Waist: 65cm

Hip: 113cm/ Foot Length: 21cm

Material: Platinum Silicone like TPE with Solid Skeleton

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Kaylee Haley

I wish I could give more than 5 stars.?This is my fave seller so far.?Excellent communication every step of the way & super fast shipping.?Thank you so very much.