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Top sex doll for men. This beautiful real sex doll is created with a stainless steel skeleton and lifelike soft skin to perfectly mimic the body of a true woman. Angle her in any position you like and not only will she hold it, she will love every second of your passion. Adult dolls are always eager, healthy, and without problems. You can kiss her soft luscious red lips or touch her in any way you desire, she will always say YES. A love doll does not have STDS or other health-related problems. And not even the best male masturbators in the world can compare to a sexy silicone girl. You can change her eye color for long kissing sessions, or switch for a new wig if you like redheads or blondes better. And most heads are interchangeable, so if you want to mix it up, just go for a different or more exotic look.

Super realistic dolls are modeled after the hottest women or goddesses that man has ever imagined. For those who love their woman submissive and promiscuous, look no further than one of these best TPE silicone-like dolls. She will tease you all day and night. Washing or cleaning your full-sized doll is a sensual experience in itself, and taking baths will be pleasurable, not to mention that shower sex is now available every time you want. The love-making will be far superior to a human woman as you will never have to worry about condoms, birth control, or pulling out. Her vagina can also be tightened by positioning her body in different angles, adjusting her legs. And her other holes are just as willing. Unlimited anal or oral sex is not only possible, it is now a reality to be enjoyed any time you want. Grab her hips and pull that lovely female closer. Time to enjoy life!

Sexy silicone-like adult women are fun-loving and great companions as well. Enjoy a movie or an audiobook while snuggling with your cute girlfriend. Her body will quickly heat up with your loving embrace. And believe it or not, her breasts can make for great pillows. This woman sex doll is still a virgin and will stay faithful to you and only you. She’s looking forward to finding her man here on Doll-Podium.com.

 Height : 165cm

Waist :53cm
Hip: 83cm
Shoulder Width : 33cm
Arm Length : 50cm
Hand Length :17cm
Leg Length : 110cm
Foot Length :21cm
Mouth : 13cm
Vagina :18cm
Anus : 16cm
Net Weight :33kg
Gross Weight :43kg
Carton Dimension :154*38*28cm

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