AS Jane 140cm - Mystery Elf

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"After a stressful year, you head out to your vacation home, a small cabin in the woods. Sometimes you would take someone with you but today you’re in a bad mood and just want to be left alone. It’s a long drive until you arrive at the cabin. You step out of the car, take your hand luggage and open the huge padlock you locked the cabin with. Once the lights go on something catches your eye and your heart almost jumps out of your chest. There’s a girl sitting in your cabin.

The girl is motionless and silent. You try talking to the young slutty looking girl and receive no answer. You take a step forward. This triggers a response from her and she puts her hand under her miniskirt. This is all so strange. Taking another step closer and she seems to play with her pussy. She’s pleasuring herself right in front of you. You’re confused, scared and aroused at the same time. The mysterious girl is incredibly hot. The moment you reach her body and try to confront the girl, she turns around and pulls down her panties. You get a full view of her cunt and ass. Her cunt is so wet you see a drop of pussy juice dangling and eventually slowly dripping down her thighs."


Fantasy and Anime sex dolls are for the true connoisseurs. Made out of High-Quality TPE (a softer type of silicone) and with steel skeleton which provides a fully articulating human-like body. Our realistic sex dolls are created to provide a new form of intimacy and sensual erotic pleasure. This lifelike passion love doll has unlimited vaginal, anal and oral sex possibilities. The experience of having silicone doll sex is like with a real girl, oftentimes better. Best of all, she is still a virgin. A truly sexy companion with kissable lips and a hot supermodel body.                                  


Original AS brand doll

Doll Height: 140cm / 4 Feet 5’

Vaginal depth: 18cm / 7 inches

Anal depth: 16cm / 6 inches

Oral depth: 12cm / 4 inches

Weight: 25kg / 55 lbs

Breast: 71cm/ Waist: 50cm

Hip: 84cm/ Foot Length: 20cm

Material: Platinum Silicone TPE with Metal Skeleton

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ubaldo VonRueden

THX very good seller very fast delivery 2 week.

Garnett Hammes

The hair is so life like and much better than the one that comes with the doll. It does not matt like the original one.

Terence Lehner

Now, as for the doll itself. If you are an adult and sane person and have not believed in miracles for a long time, then you can safely order. It looks great, but it certainly differs from the photo. Packed well, complete clothing, 3 wigs, . In general, in general, I am satisfied, at 99.9%

Raleigh Ratke

White skin, soft chest, very awkward ass, I like her very much,